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    I believe there’s a universal desire to believe
    –that you are loved,
    –that your enemies will be punished,
    –that there will be justice eventually, even if only after death,
    –that you can control reality by saying prayers / spells,
    –that you can get some powerful being to do your bidding this way (“Dear God, please let Mom recover from the accident”)
    –that the bad things that happen to you have meaning, and must somehow be good for you in your loving/punishing god’s eyes,
    –that humans were given a divine right to _____ (dominate other species, dominate each other, dominate other religions, countries, whatever),
    –that good things that happen to you are rewards for your own goodness, and not just random luck (or hard work, or a reasonable consequence of behaving well),
    –that (in most religions) we will never be separated from the people we love, because they will join us in life after death,
    –that we will not, in fact, die, because there IS some kind of life after death, where we will be free of pain (if we have earned it) forever,
    –that you (you, your family, your people, your nation, “God Bless America”) have been specially chosen by a god; you’re special, special, special, compared to every other person, family, people, or nation,

    and so on. It’s natural to want those things, and apparently it’s natural to want them so much, you’ll either make something up or buy into an existing mythology, no matter how peculiar it is or how ludicrous in comparison to what you yourself know of reality.

    All over the world, people want to believe in a perfect parent/big brother, and so they make up stories that give them comfort, and help them accept the unacceptable (slavery, poverty, domestic violence, etc.) and explain the inexplicable (or what used to be inexplicable, like fire and gravity and stars).

    I don’t. What science has explained so far is good enough for me, and what isn’t explained yet, will be eventually. Look how fast we’ve moved from the introduction of Gutenberg’s movable type to wireless instant messaging and cell phones. Good and bad happen to us all (“the rain falleth on the just and the unjust” isn’t only Christian scripture, it’s also basic common sense). That’s simple math — the laws of probability — and not a reason to get excited or guilty.

    Hoo, boy, here come the downrates! Hey, they asked, I answered (thoroughly) and that’s what rating is for — not whether it’s the answer YOU would have given.
    Probably, u haven’t got a brain u. U have no idea. God isn’t just one who can be found just where ever u look. He will never show himself to u unless u pray or worship him. And btw, what makes u think that there is no God? Btw, I can actually prove it to u, and i can help u by showing u the correct way to understand God.

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