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Osho Gangadham - Osho Ashram Rishikesh
Located at the banks of the holy Ganges river, Osho Ganga Dham Osho Ashram Rishikesh has a large meditation yoga Hall overlooking and very private Ganga beach.
Osho Kuchwada Ashram:
The Birthplace of Osho: A Sacred Haven of Cosmic Energy, Explore OSHO Meditation Center in Kuchwada
Osho Desert Ashram is a special place that helps you shed your layers of armor and come closer to yourself and to others. And to breath.
Arambol Beach is a perfect mix of Robinson Crusoe, Neverland, and New Age. By Evening on around 6.30pm, creatures of all shapes and sizes come out of the woodwork to enjoy high energy bash on the drums to celebrate the evening at Sunset Point with heart-throbbing drumbeats and mesmerizing dances.The official Arambol uniform is rasta braided hair, osho mala, ying-yang tattoo, silver earring and maroon trouser with crotch located somewhere about the knees. Arambol has a heartbeat and everyone is welcome.
Ma Anand Meera leads painting trainings and gives workshops on Creativity and Art therapy mainly in Japan and Europe. Her unique way of working is documented in video and dvds.