Psychic Vampires : What Are They?

Historically a psychic vampire has been a creature that lurks in the dark or shows up in ones dreams and drains them of their life force, leaving them listless and ill. Folklore and literature is full of occurrences of these psychic vampires. What significance does a psychic vampire have in today’s world though?

Some would say that the past psychic vampires were simply a way of describing what today would have been diagnosed as leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or iron deficiency. Without words in the past to describe these illnesses, people assumed they must be caused by something evil like a psychic vampire.

However presently there are many people who describe themselves as psychic vampires and try to help, teach and educate us about them. A psychic vampire would be described as a person who is unable to generate their own energy or store their own energy and therefore needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources. A psychic attack then takes place where the psychic vampire receives energy and the victim experiences a great loss in energy. Many psychic vampires are not even aware of what they are doing consciously.

These are some traits of a psychic vampire:

Low energy
Needs constant reassurance
Never feels satisfied
Craves nurturing
Feels abandoned or rejected

These psychic vampires create experiences of havoc for their victims, often unknowingly so that they can feed on their energy and feel better themselves. We are not however incapable of protecting ourselves from a psychic vampire attack. The best way to protect oneself is to put up an energy field around ourselves. A psychic vampire simply uses what little energy they have to feed on our energy. So we must put up a shield to block their energy. Every day put up a white light shield of protection around yourself and you will not be susceptible to psychic vampires.

We have all had the experience of someone zapping our energy. A psychic vampire is simply a term used to describe such a person who does this. We all have energy that we can work with whether we put it to good use or to bad use. Use your own energy to shield yourself and you’ll be amazed at how much more energized you feel.

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  1. Many can be misunderstood. I am quick to speak/type yet I forget who can read/hear. The fault is of those who wander from the good. To me, if murders can walk in daylight, and angels hide at midnight. Dark and light, it is mixed at points. I forget that the choice is written in stone and forced by hand. I still have yet to learn. Nothing surprises me anymore. Everyone has their own monster, and their own hero within. And in the end, only one stands.
    It’s hard on everyone. We all need food, yet I feel that it would better if everything was declared. Not hidden away from everyone. Then perhaps, we wouldn’t have problems.
    Plus, their would be a ton of people willing to give. I am not on of them unless some one is in danger. No one is currently, but their should always be agreements.
    It hurts, and it burns. Anyone comes at me, I will not be afraid to fight again!

    No consent=angry people
    G. Sparrow

  2. It is hilarious to many to read this. Yet not to me, when everyone around is either in ‘hiding’ or beeping drained you look for a bloody cure no matter what. Just trying to find something relevant upon the internet is impossible, not to mention out dated or hilarious books! I will not let my friend become another void if I can stand it. Laugh all you will, but not all things are as they seem. And leave the poor shadows out of it! Most aren’t half bad to be around. It’s the vamps fault. So blame them!
    G. Sparrow

  3. You heard the bells but clearly have no deep understanding of the Vampiric problem!
    Instead of informing, you are dis-informing! You have taken a bit here and a bit there and off you go!
    You and all the new age clowns and their circle of light! That is not is not enough! it needs to be far deeper!
    But then again you would not be New Age if you were so effing shallow! its clear you have never been attacked!
    You are a vampire. that is why you dis-inform and talk so shallow. I bet you portrait yourself as someone full of energy and charisma, someone who makes life easy etc..etc..etc…Just 3 tips of what an actual vampire REALLY looks like! I have given more info than you already!
    Vampires are parasitic. hence they hide constantly so they don’t look what they really are.


  4. Naive and misinformed. Firstly there is no shield you can concoct that a properly initiated psyvamp cannot defeat. Your wishful thinking may protect you from an unawakened/unintentional vampire and possibly from a revenant; a ravenously voracious awakened but immature and uninitiated psyvamp.
    “Use what little energy” we have?We are capable of great energy access, through skimming or elemental tapping, we just cannot hold it and at times it alone may not be adequate for our consumption.
    Additionally this notion that we only feed on negative emotional states only serves to make you more succeptible to those of us who neither seek nor require your consent. While the Black Veil is a nice guideline, it is a bit milquetoasts with regards to our true natures. While willing donors are useful, perhaps preferred you are hopelessly self deluded as a vampire if you cannot at least in your own mind peel back the veneer and recognize the truth that such arrangements are anything but smoke and mirrors to give our prey the illusion of choice. How one deals with their hunger can be symbiotic, predatory or parasitic. But at our core, and those of you who are initiated into the deeper truths know this, who and what we are is not what we present to the mundanes, but what we hide from them, and ourselves in some cases. You will do what it is in your nature to do, and the sooner you come to terms with the predator within and make peace with its existence the sooner you can learn to truly bring it to heel.
    There are those who follow paths far darker and left leaning than I. I walk in the grey. I am chaotic good with lapses into lawful evil at times, though this is an acknowledgement of my own struggles with allowing my hunger to take control because I was out of balance. I find these sorts of advice blogs woefully one sided. Worse they are speaking authoritatively when following their advice can create undue anxiety and paranoia as well as giving a false sense of safety… The truth is we vampires are complex persons. At least some of us do let karma and the consequences of our actions on our future lives create a mindful and balanced paradigm towards meeting our needs. While I reject the black veil’s principle of consent of ones prey being necessary, though sometimes preferable, at least a good many in the community are absolutely no threat to the mundane world.

  5. Sadly this is so typically misinformed and naiive. The truth is what you are describing for the most part are unintentionals, those who do not know beyond instinct what they are doing or a revanent, an awakened but immature and largely self unaware person who ravenously consumes the energy of others to the detriment of their prey. Speaking as a vampire myself, I can only say that while we are newly awakened our abilities to seduce and arrouse then feed can be like a drug high we chase over and over; it cares not for consent and can do real damage to the subtle body of our prey. These types are undisciplined and uninitiated in our ways and thus may be thwarted by such basic shields. It is extremely amusing to me the number of mundanes who put faith in such things blindly. There is no shield that originates from a human being alone that cannot be defeated should one of us with the proper initiation cannot defeat. Fortunately it seems like there are far more of our kind who have embraced the Black Veil, the code of ethics featured in the Psychic Vampire Codex. These guidelines stress consentual symbiosis rather than predation and its long term cousin parasitism.
    This is not law. Some vampires walk a left handed path and reject any law but do what thou wilt; the Thelema dictum of Aleister Crowley. Others follow neo paganisms do what thou wilt but harm none. The former tend towards Satanism and other dark occultism while the latter are often self deluded and refuse to make full and honest admission to their true nature and abilities. As for my house we reject the notion of feeding only on the consenting. We hold to our own sense of morality governed by karma as our guide. I myself am one of the darker members of my house but I do not embrace the lefthanded path. Neither do I hold to the same morality as many right handed pathwalkers. I consider myself to be for lack of a better term chaotic good. I was, I am and I will be again. That long view of history makes me mindful of the karmic lessons of this life and the rewards or consequences of my actions. I wont give the game away but if any of you mundanes or touchy feely types think that you understand our true nature based upon what we reveal you are dangerously mistaken.

    1. Hello,
      I do believe that you are correct in several ways. But, I have met some powerful humans in recent years. They hold strong walls and do not care for any attacks. How might one avoid such attacks? They cause annoying pain. Sadly, only one has the ability to hide from all if it wishes. As you read this you’ll probably figure out that I am trying to hide much. I do not wish for them to get hurt, and I am trying to mend a friend, for something recently, got its grimy claws on her for a fraction of a second. You are write wisely about this topic, and I believe you, for most part since it is the internet. Most of what these people have done is their defenses, which hurt, apparently. But, I am truly unsure of my friend, if you are truly so neutral, was it something so blinded? The friend does not consent, and has been, well ‘half full’.
      G. Sparrow

  6. I definitely have had my fill of energy vampires. You don’t feed off of other people, manipulate them, make them feel sorry for you to drain off their energy. You recharge your own batteries. This has nothing to do with helping those in need. They are not in need in the normal sense of the word. They are negative, constant complainers, who do not want to move away from being negative. Will do manipulative things so as not to move forward. They will not help themselves. You have to sort out the genuine from the psychic vampires. They will destroy you and leave you for dead. They do not care. Its all about them. Every conversation is turned into them. They are deceitful, untrustworthy and irresponsible.

  7. There is a profound difference between a psychic vampire and a person with co-dependent issues or otherwise “needy” habits that drain those around them. Psychic vampirism is a kind of energy diabetes, in which their subtle bodies do not produce enough energy to maintain their systems in a healthy manner, thus causing a need to drain the prana from others.

    People with interpersonal issues often drive others away and succeed only in creating negative energy. This does not make them vampires. If you are simply looking to promote emotional self defense, that is by all means a very important skill and should not be over looked. It’s important not to enable people who would seek to become co-dependent, or create some other sort of mis matched emotional relationship with you. A psychic vampire is different. They simply need prana, or emotional energy, and the prefer to get it from donors who understand the full nature of who and what they are.
    The Psychic Vampire Codex was written to explain and maintain that there are ethical ways to get the prana that is lacking from the vampiric system. If you do not want to donate, that is your right and choice and psychic shielding is usually effective. But if you are only guarding against whiney people, you are going to be taken off guard. Psychically vampiric individuals, at least the ones that I know, are very caring, loving and nurturing people who often wrestle with the ethics of meeting their own needs.

    Donating prana to a psychic, or “energy vampire” is not painful or horrible. So long as they don’t overfeed from any one individual the worst someone would feel was regular fatigue remedied by taking a nap.

    So, in actuallity you’re probably better off protecting yourself from unhealthy emotional connections with regular people as they will cause more of a problem and have longer lasting side effects than a psychic vampire taking a bit of the prana your body naturally produces.

  8. according to the symptoms listed of “psychic vampires”, they just sound like needy, insecure people to me. these people have plenty of energy, but they’re all over the place. if they concentrated on improving their own lives, other people wouldn’t get tired of them and leave them, and abusive people wouldn’t be able to play on their insecurities. many people who exhibit these symptoms were abused as children, neglected or literally and/or emotionally abandoned. they need help, but only with a good therapist or a good friend who won’t allow them to use their insecurities as emotional leverage – i.e., emotional black mail. and to those of you who feel like these symptoms apply to you – talk to some one. i don’t mean complain or using conversation to manipulate and get people to feel sorry for you – i mean, really TALK. and find a way to make your life better. other wise you’ll always be miserable, and that’s no good for any one – you or those around you, especially your kids, if you have any. and is it really fair to bring your kids in to your misery? get help, talk to some one and really work at making your life better. qwyzl

    1. Wow… Quote:… with what “little” energy they have… If they have such little supply of energy and could possible die from that, why would it be such a huge problem to borrow some? I mean come on! People eat animals, animals eat plants and other animals. Life gives way to sustain another’s life. Us conscious one’s can control ourselves, you know?…and those who are unable to can’t help themeselves. It’s almost like you want to kill me or better yet kill off an entire race. Being evil is a choice if you didn’t know. I am thouroughly offended by this page and I’m not afraid to voice it.

      1. Chanzu, do you speak as one? I also agree with you that this practice doesn’t make you evil, furthermore the term our energy isn’t accurate its channeled through us, and if I read correctly it its the Creator’s energy we just use it. If I have excess and another needs it I welcome that it gets taken just as I would give the other 6inches of my foot long sub to a starving person.

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