The Meanings behind Animal Spirit

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People who are fond of animals are more likely to believe that animals have energies that can be obtained. Some animal lovers believe animal energies.

Some of you have encountered the word animal spirit. In that case, you are more likely to believe that there is a certain energy that revolves around the animals.

The knowledge and wisdom of ancient Native American shaman provides great assistance to be more familiar of the animal energies that you can obtain.

Ancient Native American shaman can also show you what your animal dreams mean an also the action you should do regarding your dream.

Long time ago, ancient Native Americans believe that all animals has exceptional lessons and special gifts. Every animal possess unique characteristic.

Native Americans shamans believe that the animal can teach us lessons for us to be enlightened and to be healed.

They also believe that when you dream of an animal or it comes to you, it shows that the person should be aware of the animal?s qualities because they need it.

The belief of Ancient Native Americans shaman about animal energies did not stop from their ages but it was passed until today?s generations. Some of the people around the world are aware about the wisdom that Native Americans left.

Sometimes, animals are involved in art just like in tattooing where some persons embed their favorite animal or spiritual animal deep in their skin. When it comes to the qualities of the animals, it varies from one to another. Some of the trait an animal possess can help you in your life situation.

The belief claims that when a person tries to seek help from the animal, it will help you from the burden you are going through. To learn how to call the energy of an animal, you should learn how to meditate. Meditation is a simple way to pass the quality of the animal you have been asking for.

As we live in modern times, different ways have been developed throughout the belief. Sometimes, the animal token is used for meditation. The token is a small piece of carved art where the face or the animal is engraved. For the others, necklaces or bracelet charms can be valued like the token. Simplicity can always work, too. You just have to get a pen and a piece of paper to draw the animal you want to meditate on.

To be able to identify the traits and characteristics an animal possess, few of the known animals have been evaluated for the succeeding sentences.

  • The bear possess strength, intelligence and contemplation.
  • The beaver possess building or shaping.
  • The bird possess unity, kinship and freedom.
  • The buffalo possess abundance healing and good fortune.
  • The cougar shows balance and leadership.
  • The coyote has humor, trickiness and bad luck.
  • The deer shows peace, gentleness and sensitivity.
  • The dolphin possess harmony, joy and self-connection.
  • The eagle has strength, power, illumination as well as healing.
  • The frog shows cleansing and emotional healing.
  • The hawk has awareness the possess truth.
  • The hummingbird shows beauty, quickness and wonder.
  • The lizard shows elusiveness.
  • The mouse possess charm and illusion.
  • The otter holds laughter, happiness and lightness.
  • The owl holds vision, wisdom and insight.
  • The rabbit shows overcoming fear and safety.
  • The seagull has a carefree attitude, freedom and versatility.
  • The snail possess determination and perseverance.
  • The snake holds power, sexual potency and force of life.
  • The squirrel shows thrift and trust.
  • The turtle has knowledge, healing and love/protection.
  • The whale possess intuition and creativity,
  • The wolf has teaching skill, independence and loyalty.
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