Are Entities keeping you from healing

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Folks, in the last week, the Creator has brought me several experiences that have shown me how strongly entities can influence us to keep us away from people, information or experiences that can heal and enlighten us. I’ve been directed to give you this information, for your benefit.

Please read this. Its important you have this information.

Entities feed on our “negative” emotions/energy. They influence us to feel anger, grief, guilt, shame and all the emotions that seem to “drain” us. We really are being drained! This is the energy these beings want. They don’t want us going to healers, releasing old baggage, sealing old wounds. They certainly don’t want us shifting energy and stepping into a higher vibration that leaves them behind!

How do entities keep us away from these experiences?

Last night I did a clearing with a woman who has been trying to see me for 8 months. She’s been telling people she needed to call and has wanted to but every time she got ready to do it, she got distracted, felt tired, had computer problems, or just plum forgot! This went on for 8 months, regardless of how much she wanted an appointment! I’ve also encountered people who get unreasonably mad, abusive, impatient, irritated or just outright cancel services with me for something trivial. Entities will play on your emotions and trick you into turning away from something that can help you.

They will convince you that you don’t need to get a clearing when you feel congested. They will convince you that you can’t afford the Reiki class you’ve been dying to take, and they will distract you with drama to keep you from hearing and understanding something that can change your life!

How do you know when entities are influencing you?

When you feel its time to go to a spiritual meeting or have energy work done and you keep forgetting or can’t seem to focus because things “keep happening”, its a good chance there is influence involved.

If you have a positive feeling about something and everything seems to be going well and then some little thing sets you off and makes you cancel it or end the contact, its a good chance entities are at work.

Any time you start out feeling one way and something unexplainable changes that feeling and you end up losing potential help or knowledge, its a good chance you’ve been “diddled”. What can you do? Stay grounded! Stay in Present Time and stay in your body!

Put your heart chakra down to 35% and make sure you take time to calm down and reevaluate things before you make a decision. Emotions are energies. And unconscious emotions, all unconscious energies, can be transformed by the alchemy of awareness into their opposite, positive values. For example, fear can become love, anger can become compassion, hatred can become friendliness, lust can become creativity. It is the same energy, transformed through understanding. Accept that the energy is there, and try to understand the mechanism behind it. If you can really see and understand the whole mechanism, it will automatically transform into an energy that you can use positively and consciously in your life.

Above all, put up the glass sphere and command all entities to get out of your space and wait outside it! When things calm down you should be able to make a decision without the influence that is causing so many people to lose opportunities that are in their Highest Good!

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