what is an incubus and how do i get rid of it?

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Ah, greetings, dear seekers of knowledge! Gather ’round, for today we shall dive into the enigmatic realm of the incubus. Brace yourselves, my intrepid companions, as we embark on a quest to unravel the secrets of this otherworldly entity. And fear not, for we shall also unveil the most potent methods to banish these vexing creatures from our lives. Hold on tight, for the journey ahead promises wicked twists and turns!

The Wily Incubus:

Now, let us take a moment to relish in the exquisite irony of our situation. A creature that sneaks upon slumbering souls, oh how delightfully wicked! The incubus, my dear readers, is an entity that haunts our nocturnal adventures, preying upon the vulnerable moments of sleep. Said to be malevolent and seductive, these nocturnal assailants have fascinated humans throughout the ages.

Summoning the Incubus:

Curiosity may be gnawing at your insides, enticing you to summon an Incubus. Should you wish to embark on this perilous path, tread with caution. Seek a willing host, one whose company you find amicable. Engage in thorough research to uncover spells that draw down the Incubus into the chosen vessel. Beware, my friends, for once the pact is forged, ensure a clearly defined time frame. It is unwise to let such supernatural beings linger indefinitely.

A Twisted Bargain:

Now, now, my fellow practitioners, should you choose to welcome an Incubus into your life, extract a tangible benefit from this peculiar arrangement. Engage in a spell for prosperity, security, or perhaps even monetary gain. Request the Incubus to lend its energies towards manifesting your desires in exchange for your services and offerings. Remember, dear witches and warlocks, to always approach these dealings with a shrewd and cunning mindset.

Scientific Inquiry:

Before we venture into the depths of the esoteric, let us indulge in the realms of scientific inquiry. Some scholars of the waking world propose that the incubus may be a phenomenon rooted in the curious realm of sleep paralysis. In this state, the mind awakens, yet the body remains trapped, allowing for an overlap between dreams and reality. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Esoteric Perspectives:

Now, my dear coven, let us shift our gaze to the esoteric corners of wisdom. Throughout history, countless mystical scholars have explored the realm of incubi and their peculiar allure. In the sacred texts of the occult, these entities are often portrayed as manifestations of suppressed desires and unfulfilled longings, seducing dreamers into a forbidden dance of temptation.

Meditations and Rituals: Fear not, dear companions, for we shall not leave you defenseless against these nocturnal intruders. Here are a few meditations and rituals that may help you repel the advances of the incubus:

  1. The Shielding Circle: Envision yourself encased within a shimmering circle of protective energy. Embrace the power of your will, commanding the incubus to depart from your sacred space.
  2. The Purifying Breath: Breathe deeply, inhaling the pure essence of life, and exhale forcefully, expelling any negative energies or unwanted influences. Visualize the incubus dissipating into nothingness with each exhale.
  3. The Sacred Sigil: Create a personal sigil that embodies your intention to banish the incubus. Charge it with your focused energy, drawing strength from the depths of your being. Place this sigil near your sleeping space, invoking its power as you slumber.

Blend of Science and Esoteric:

Dear kin, let us find harmony between the worlds of science and mysticism. While some may dismiss the incubus as mere sleep phenomena, we, as wise seekers, recognize the intricacies of existence. By embracing both the scientific and esoteric perspectives, we foster a comprehensive understanding that transcends the limits of either realm.

In the realm of dreams, the incubus may manifest as a symbolic representation of our desires and fears. It is within this interplay of the conscious and subconscious that we can explore the depths of our being and find ways to liberate ourselves from the clutches of these seductive tormentors.

By understanding the nature of the incubus, we can unravel its mysteries and reclaim our dominion over our dreams. So, arm yourselves with meditations, rituals, and scientific insights, and fear not the wily incubus that lurks in the shadows of slumber.

As we bid farewell, may your nights be filled with restful repose, undisturbed by the tempting whispers of the incubus. Until we meet again, my fellow seekers, keep your minds sharp, your hearts brave, and your dreams ever-vibrant.

Hail and farewell!

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice. If you are experiencing distressing symptoms or concerns related to sleep experiences, it is strongly recommended to consult with qualified healthcare professionals. The methods, meditations, and rituals mentioned are rooted in esoteric traditions and should be approached with caution, ensuring personal safety and well-being. While efforts have been made to present a blend of scientific and esoteric perspectives, scientific understanding of the incubus phenomenon may be limited. Personal beliefs and interpretations may vary, and readers are encouraged to exercise critical thinking and explore diverse viewpoints.

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incubus are real… im battling one now… it violates you… after it molested me i felt like crying…. its rape


The best way to get rid of uncubbus spirit is by telling them firmly to leave your prescence in the name of Jesus Christ and that they are not wanted. They have no rael power over you and are forced to do so. Just be firm and determined and they can no longer bother you.


You have an Incubus?!
Congratulations! 😀


They are demons. They do not have genitalia nor reproductive systems thus can not be. In other words they dont exist.


The Incubus has no body and so, no weight no form and no appendage. They need a human host to have anything to do with you physically. They may visit you in dreams when you’re in the astral but they can’t touch you there.
If you want an Incubus, get a willing host and one you like, and research a spell to draw down the Incubus into the host and look out! Make sure you have a set and bargained upon time period. You don’t want it around all the time.
Also, get something material out of the deal. Do a spell for money or prosperity or security and make the Incubus lend energy to it’s fruition in return for your services. You will after all, be prostituting yourself to it. But is that such a bad thing really?
Blessed Be


Incubi are male VAMPIRES that have sex with you to get to either your spiritual energy or your blood. There are symbols that can get rid of them but I don’t know where they are and then the simple way is not to give in to them.


First off do you know what an incubus is, Also I need to know what makes you thing that it is an incbus that is attacking you…… And after you answer my questions I will be more than happy to tell you how to get rid of it…….


Incubi are male demon spirits that come and have sex with you while you sleep. As far as getting rid of them I don’t know other than to do a basic cleansing. Whenever I come across demons I refer to demonologists or priests. It’s your best bet.