Shadow People: Are There Parallel Dimension?

Cara, a five year old playful girl, joins her two older girl cousins in a bedroom near hers. She was invited after eating their breakfast on a cold Wednesday morning. Her two cousins lift her as she climb the bed which is huge for her size. They played their little cute dolls with their assigned names for their game. Unexpectedly, her two cousins were called by their mother. They immediately go downstairs, leaving Cara behind. She continued what they have left. Another two minutes passed, then suddenly, she noticed a black shadow watching her from the doorway so she take a second to look at it. Cara left the bed and observed the corridor but she sees no one.

From what you have read, if this is something like the story already happened to you? What did you do after you notice the black shadow? For some, occurrence like this is still not happening but for the others, it may be a natural projection for them.

If you are wondering what that thing is, in a metaphysical world, they call it a presence of shadow people. According to Wikipedia, shadow people are also called shadow being or shadow figure.

Shadow people are what you perceive or notice from your peripheral vision. These are supernatural presence that can be seen or be observed by the human eyes.

In different society of different cultures, there are persons that believe or disbelieve shadow people. Some say that they are just weak hallucinations when you are trying to scare yourself. But for the others, especially for those who can really see in their visions, shadow people is a supernatural phenomenon that feeds energies from you when you are feeling helpless and frightened.

The presence of shadow people are being driven away when you are about to take a look at them closely.

Shadow people are also distinguished as parallel dimensional beings. The parallel dimension is a theory known and classified to be another universe that is connected to our own world. It contains some kind of extinct animals or humans. When human beings experience that a shadow person is around them, some reportedly say that they are wearing a cloak or a long robe.

These are the common shape of shadow people that people see in this kind of unlikely supernatural phenomenon. Others say that the shadow people have red eyes.

Shadow people are most likely to show up when you feel scared.


Because the shadow people feeds on the energy that you release emotionally. But you do not have to worry about anything at all if you are strong enough to divert what you keep on thinking to something that is not negative.

Sometimes, people who are often visited by these supernatural beings cause them to have psychological and physiological effect on them. Negative human effects include sleep deprivation that may lead to hallucinations.

Some effects may also include illusion and sleep paralysis. In addition to, animals can also feel or the shadow people because of strong perception. You pets like dog and cat are common animals that can perceive the shadow people.

To be able to cope up with your emotions, you should overcome your fear. It may be not that easy for you but remember that there are real people who loves you and are there for you which you can count on.

3 thoughts on “Shadow People: Are There Parallel Dimension?”

  1. i have experienced these peopleand would like to bind one as my companion do you have ANY IDEA AT ALL how to do this thing?

  2. The universe has much within it which is not known by the mind of man/woman so it tends to think that all is answered by that mind state of the 3D matrix which is calls reality….But what then is fact and what is fiction?…..The being which incarnates into the world of the mind is then told this is reality and that anything which you experience beyond the physical states is not and is nothing but imagination/Hallucination etc….Idiots who still tend to draw conclusions by thier mind set only draw them by the 3D matrix Form of what they think is reality…The population then believe what the people who theorise tell them is fact but how can it be fact when it is based upon theory…..Fear is the main reason why they wish to label anything and they then say the reason why someone had experiences something supernatural is because of a physical phenomenon based upon the mind….What they do not wish you to know is that you are cosmic beings which are much more than just the physical 3D matrix mind…..Experiencing certain entities which are not physical is not imagination or hallucination to the person who experiences it but to the person who is trained to think in the mind bubble of the matrix of the physical realm they call reality it is all to do with thier mind….infact it has nothing to do with the mind except that the mind is the vessel which then recieves that it has experienced an entity outside of the physical universe that exists within a dimension that is not of that mind set….it is easy for them to explain it as an illusion, imagination,hallucination because to them who have not experienced it they can only then explain it as some mental physical phenomenon of the mind within this material reality…..There are those who want the population to be stuck within the bubble of the micro levels of conditioned existence….people who have run this planet for thousands of years whose families are involved with the occult and know that certain entities exist…but then when forces of good come to rock their boat and so liberate beings from the lie they then call them something devised by their set up of the world programme….many children who come into this world have gifts and see things it is because they are much closer to the reality of coming from that dimension of non-physical state which is not mind….the force by which the body is powered is linked to many other dimensions which are not material states of the mind…so it is not by imagination of that mind which children see what is termed ‘Shadow people”……I am 53 and i have seen dark entities myself which were not physical….the fact is that there is a lot of cover up about “The men in black” and other supernatural experiences…and the men in black are not what hollywood then shows us in a film with will smith….The real truth of the men in black is that they are much more strange and non-human from the many people who have said they were visited by them….It also followed after UFO sightings….The men in black weren’t humans….Governments cover up this fact because they want to keep thier interaction with these beings a secret…..also maybe some of you are not ready to understand how advanced beings can cloak themselves within this reality….Some beings are so adanced that they aren’t physical realities anyway yet you who remain a skeptic still are stuck within the bubble of the your little world of the micro-universe of your perception….It figures that some of you are not ready to advance beyond your primal mind sets and the worship of money and material states…..

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