Miracles of self-respect: Meditation

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Self-respect means respecting yourself above all else. It means valuing your own principles before anyone else. It means trusting yourself to do what you believe to be true and worth honoring.

Sometimes, this means disappointing other people or making them angry because we cannot conform to what they dictate, But then you are going to be a rebel,. However, if you respect yourself you do not need the approval of others to be happy with your life.

It doesn’t mean putting yourself above others thinking that you are better than they are. It means that you understand that each one of us is equal.

You realize that you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity just as anyone else does.

Why is self-respect important?

Self-respect is important if you want to love yourself fully and completely. Cultivating self-respect gives you the ability to love yourself for who you truly are inside and not just for the way you look or even for your status in society.

When you are proud of who you are, you value yourself as a human being and you believe in yourself. You do not give up in times of challenges because you what you are capable of doing.

When someone lacks self-respect, they live their lives miserably. They shoulder the burdens of regret, shame, loathing, and blame. They are prone to engaging themselves in self-destructive behavior because they have little value for themselves.

Likewise, people respect us according to the degree of how much we respect ourselves. If we do not value ourselves, how can we expect others to treat us with respect?

Self-respect meditation

Regular meditation helps you to calm an overactive mind. It allows you to transcend from the noise that crowds your mind and create a strong connection with your inner self.

The more that you are able to create a stronger connection with your inner self, the more that you will be able to develop a calmer and deeper perspective. As a result of this, you will be able to filter your thoughts and discard the negative ones. You learn to listen to your true voice.

You learn to get to know and appreciate who you truly are. When this happens, your inner-critic who regularly puts you down will be subdued and you will start to notice positive changes in your life.

For a start, here is a form of meditation that you can use to develop your self-respect:

– Find a place suitable for meditation. It must be free from any form of distraction.

– Sit uprightly but keep your body and breathing relaxed. Close your eyes.

– Bring your attention to your own heart.

As you breathe in, feel as if your heart is opening and softening. As you breathe out, feel it release tension and negativity.

– Next, bring into your heart an image of yourself or say your name gently. Silently recite, ?May I be freed from self-doubt, may I be happy, may all things go well for me.?

– Keep breathing into your heart and filling yourself with love. Repeat the words again and say it with conviction. Say it with all of your heart. Mean it. Focus all your energy on it.

– When you are ready, regulate your breathing and slowly come to your awareness. Make sure that you finish your meditation with a smile.

Make a commitment to yourself

No one can take away your self-respect. It frees you from the expectations of others and you will live your life freely and happily.

Instead of seeking approval from others, you learn to stand on your own feet without being shaken.

You will also enjoy experiencing new things without having to change yourself. Make a commitment now to love yourself more.

Take time to meditate and improve your life. A few minutes of self-respect meditation can be the best gift that you can give to yourself.

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