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The cycle of life, death and rebirth is the process of evolving our selves to higher and higher levels of consciousness and awareness. To fear death is a primordial instinct for the Western man. It is the supreme punishment we give our criminals and the worst we think could happen to someone is to die before their time.
Working as a medium has given me some insight as to what goes on after the heart stops.

In my conversations with spirits, I asked them why they thought a loving, caring, wise God would let harm come to the innocent and let them die very young or before their time. They told me that as far as God is concerned the person who dies is merely walking out of one movie and into another. There is no loss of life.
The personality may lose consciousness for a brief time, but will wake up to continued life on a plane close to this one. The death process is fascinating and is really a birth into the spirit world.

When a new baby is born they are dying to the spirit world to be born here. Just as every birth is an individual process, some are faster, easier than others, so are deaths. Before I explain the bardo journey I will need to talk about the layers of energy surrounding your physical body. Your light body or astral body. Our body has layers of energy that extend beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. We actually have layers of light bodies that have different functions.Our Physical body is to function with in the physical realm.

Next we have an emotional body that extends three to eight inches beyond our physical. We express our emotions through this energy field. Then we have the mental body, it has a higher and finer vibration than the previous layer, our mental body expresses through the physical brain. It is concerned with everyday thoughts-our conscious mind. The mental layer is associated with the solar plexus chakra and issues of will power. The mental layer extends beyond the emotional layer. After the mental layer is the soul layer, this layer is connected to the heart chakra and is associated with love. This layer is about a foot from your physical body.

The next layer is the soul emotional layer, the soul mental layer which registers ideas on an abstract level. This layer is several inches beyond the soul body.
And finally the casual body. This layer can be several feet from your physical body. All of these layers are intertwined with each other. There are three cords that are invisible to the physical eye, they connect us to our oversoul. They represent the three aspects of man-physical, soul, and spirit. Each cord is connected to a seed atom.
One seed atom is in your brain, the mental seed atom. It records your thoughts good and bad.

The next is your heart seed atom.

And the third is the emotional atom. It contains the emotions felt by your soul. All of the things in your life that made an impact on you are recorded there. Your Book of Life. The emotional seed atom is in the solar plexus area.

These atoms are like tape recorders that have been running your whole life. There is a built in timer in your heart seed atom that knows how much time your soul has allotted you in this physical body. Remember the soul likes to get lots of experience in lots of different bodies even in other realities. All of this experience is absorbed back in to All That Is Or God. When this timer goes off the life force starts to pull away from the body. As the cords are pulled up the life force goes with them, the brain starts to become aware of scenes from her life.

Most of the time the soul will depart through the crown chakra. As the areas in the brain open up to allow the soul to depart energizing the crown the area around the crown will begin to glow. Now the mental seed atom is loosened and that cord breaks. When the mental seed atom breaks the person would be in a coma like state. As the mental seed atom travels up and out of the physical body it is now residing in the astral body. Which will be an appropriate body for the astral realm.

Next the emotional seed cord is broken and it travels up the spinal column from the solar plexus area taking the emotional seed atom with it. Now it will reside in the solar plexus area of the astral body. The last cord to break is the heart, as it travels up the spine through the medulla oblongata and out the crown finding a new home in the astral body’s heart. Now the life force is completely out of the physical body. All of the light bodies are together in an astral body which is now perfect for residing on an astral realm.

We still have everything we did have but now we are focused in the nonphysical energy rather than being focused through a physical format.

The time is variable usually two to three hours. This would describe a natural death. In the case of an accident or a violent death, the cords would all snap together and immediately transfer the seed atoms into the astral shell. The personality might not even know they had died. Usually they realize it when they see their physical body lying prone. Sometimes they cannot accept their demise and refuse to continue the Bardo process. This would be an earth bound soul or ghost.

After the cords snap the process of the Bardo trance begins. Every Bardo journey will be unique. What happens in the tunnel depends on the spiritual life or lack of the personality who is dying. The Tunnel is the personality going up the spine and out the crown.

As they travel they are made aware of things that happened in their life. If they had a very fearful nature of death and thought they would surely go to hell, then they will likely see images of hell as they envisioned it. They may hear horrible sounds and feel great winds. They will likely see three judges standing before them condemning them for their life. They will be shown a movie of their life and when they caused hurt or pain to another they will be in the position of the person and feel the pain they had caused.

They will feel great remorse and anguish for the self centered life they had led. At some point they will be shown a great light and if they can merge with this light they will be released from the wheel of death and rebirth.

Normally if the personality had no spiritual training or experience they will be frightened by this brilliant light. This is the clear light (for more info go to or Christ light. This is where the term saved by the light comes from.

If an individual had led a good life but did not really pursue spiritual growth, they will also see the video of their life and where they had chances to evolve and missed the opportunity. They will be greeted by loved ones already in spirit.

These loved ones will help them to complete the journey. They will see the Ascended Master they had revered and worshiped in this life time. Jesus Christ greets Christians, The Buddha will meet many, as well Moses, Mohamed, Isis, Mother Mary. There will be much Angelic presence about the soul.
They will be comforting them, helping them to understand the journey and process.

The Bardo process can last anywhere from six minutes or two days. It depends on the spiritual evolution of the soul. The clear light of the void, or Christ light, will be shown several times during the Bardo. If a soul were to merge with that light it would be a spiritual ecstasy seeing the face of God/Goddess/All That Is.

It is our goal to merge with that essence that is our creator, but it takes a lot of nerve. You probably fear you will cease to be in the vastness of our creator. I do not think that is the case. To be able to take advantage of this opportunity at death you must prepare for it during this lifetime through prayer, meditation, seeking spiritual growth.

You must not let the Bardo images scare you and keep your mind focused on the light and merging with the light. One of my favorite prayers helps you to visualize the light. “I am surrounded by the clear light of the Christ, nothing but good can come to me, nothing but good can go from me. I give thanks”.

This prayer done often, while visualizing the light will help you to be familiar with the light.

If you have sins that need to be repented for you will be counseled by spiritual helpers. They will help you to forgive yourself, which is normally the hardest for you to do. They will explain the importance of forgiving anyone who caused you pain in this lifetime and releasing that pain.
There are many layers we call heaven.

Each layer is higher and finer until you reach the Godhead. You will reside on a layer or area of the astral plane which you are a vibrational match to.
Like is attracted to like. While in spirit, after you have recuperated from your death/rebirth, you can come and go, learn, experience what you desire in the boundaries of that plane. If you wish to move to a higher plane you will have spiritual advisors who can help you.

Expressing the quality of unconditional love is the quickest way to the higher layers. Easier said than done. The more you can stay in that vibration, the faster you will progress.

Purgatory does exist.

It’s purpose is not to punish sinners, but is an area in which to give them a chance to ” purge” themselves of negative thoughts, beliefs, and fears. There is an opportunity to repent for the pain you might have caused others.
You will be shown how you can obtain forgiveness. Anything that keeps your soul at a lower vibration. The laws of attractions are immutable even in spirit. You will reside on an astral plane of a like vibration and with like minded individuals. Almost everyone in spirit spends some time here in the clear viewing process.

This is so you can see your life from a clear perspective and where you went wrong, where you could have done better. It is for the purpose for your soul growth. This is where you can release beliefs, ideas, fears that do not serve your highest self.

The suicide will first awake from the death coma in an astral hospital.

He will be counseled by his spiritual advisors. He will also go through the reviewing process of purgatory. Since the suicide is usually in an extreme fragile state he will be guided at all phases and shown what he could do to repair the pain and chaos he has left behind. He will remain on this earth plane until he would have died naturally.

His task will be to help, in any way he can, the loved ones he left behind. He will not be offered the Clear Light of the Void or salvation by the Light. This is not to punish him. Every effort will be made to comfort him. He must face his karma. Some spirits will experience a form of hell. It is one of their own creation.

They feel so sure that they deserve to be in hell or that God would never forgive them their sins. Their guides and angels will try to help them purge themselves from these ideas. Their angels at some point will concede and tell the spirit ‘ when you are ready send a voice and we will come and help you’.

We all have free will even after dying to the physical world. So if the spirit feels so undeserving they create, through their mental field, images they think they deserve that are hell like. Remember we are all creators in training.

An idea that we dwell on, or think about often, combined with emotions will be our point of attraction to the universe and eventually our experience. These hell bound spirits will at some point start to see the light and their angels will come and help them to release the fearful ideas and ties that bind them to lower astral areas.

Bardo rituals or last rites are helpful to the spirit in staying focused on the light and trying to merge with the clear light. If a spirit is distracted by crying relatives it makes it harder to leave and travel this earned journey.

The best thing you can do for a dying loved one is to tell them you love them and you support them on their journey. Praying for them is very helpful. It is like sending them energy for their journey. If you can, have someone come in and verbally walk them across the void, they can hear those in the physical. It is very comforting to the spirit making the transition to have a friend who is knowledgeable and hopefully clairvoyant to explain the images they may see. Part of my training has been in walking spirits across the void. Whatever you do please remove wailing relatives from the room.

It is not fair to be so distracting to the spirit. They will try to comfort them when they should be focused on their own most important rebirth into pure nonphysical energy. As we live and die we take with us our experiences and compare them to the rest of our lives and mature as a result. Even the animals move to higher levels of life forms as a result of life, death and rebirth.

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