Understanding the Fast Heartbeat Phenomenon during Astral Projection

FAST heart beat during attempt on Astral Projection
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Embarking on the ethereal journey of astral projection can be an awe-inspiring experience, opening doorways to uncharted realms beyond our physical existence. However, many practitioners have reported an interesting occurrence: a rapid heartbeat during their attempts. In this article, we delve deeper into the intricacies of this occurrence, blending scientific understanding with esoteric wisdom. By exploring meditation techniques, spells, and rituals associated with astral projection, we unravel the secrets behind the rapid heartbeat phenomenon, inviting readers to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

Understanding the Phenomenon:

During astral projection, the consciousness transcends the physical body, traversing realms beyond ordinary perception. It is not uncommon for practitioners to experience an increased heart rate, akin to the pulsating wings of a hummingbird. This acceleration can be both thrilling and perplexing, triggering questions about its origin and significance.

The Enigma of the Racing Heart:

Astral projection, often practiced through meditation techniques or aided by the guidance of spells and rituals, involves transcending the confines of the physical body to explore different dimensions of consciousness. As practitioners align their energies and expand their awareness, they may notice an increased heart rate. While this may initially cause concern, it is crucial to understand the underlying reasons behind this phenomenon.

Scientific Perspectives:

Contemporary science provides insightful explanations for the rapid heartbeat during astral projection. When the mind enters an altered state of consciousness, it activates the sympathetic nervous system, releasing hormones and neurotransmitters that heighten physiological responses. The surge of adrenaline, for instance, elevates heart rate and primes the body for extraordinary experiences. Additionally, the intense relaxation achieved during astral projection can cause the heart to beat faster as a compensatory mechanism. Excitement and anticipation further contribute to the accelerated heartbeat, as the mind embraces the unknown and surrenders to the realms of the astral plane

Ancient Wisdom and Esoteric Practices:

Throughout history, various ancient cultures and esoteric traditions have recognized the correlation between heightened spiritual experiences and physiological responses, including the rapid heartbeat during astral projection. Drawing upon these rich sources, we find intriguing connections between the supernatural and the physical.

  1. Breathwork and Visualization: Begin by cultivating deep, rhythmic breathing. Focus on each inhalation and exhalation, allowing the breath to anchor you in the present moment. As your breathing steadies, engage in visualization techniques, imagining yourself gradually detaching from your physical form and ascending towards the astral realm. Visualize your heart expanding with each breath, pulsating with the vibrant energy of the cosmos.
  2. Mantra Chanting: Utilize sacred mantras or affirmations to harmonize your energy and amplify your intention to astral project. Recite mantras such as “Om” or “I am one with the universe” with devotion and concentration, allowing the vibrations to resonate within you. This practice aids in creating a profound shift in consciousness and activating the subtle energy centers, including the heart chakra, which may contribute to the rapid heartbeat experience.

Witchcraft Spells and Rituals:

Within the realm of witchcraft, spells and rituals are imbued with potent energies, acting as catalysts for spiritual exploration. The utilization of herbs, crystals, incantations, and sacred symbols can enhance the astral projection experience. Examining texts like “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk or studying the traditions of renowned witches like Doreen Valiente and Silver RavenWolf can provide valuable insights into the intersection of witchcraft and astral projection.

The realm of witchcraft offers an array of spells and rituals that can enhance the astral projection journey. While incorporating these practices, it is crucial to approach them with reverence, aligning with your personal belief system and ethical considerations. Here are a few examples:

  1. Anointing Ritual: Prepare a sacred oil blend, infused with herbs such as mugwort, lavender, or frankincense. Prior to your astral projection session, anoint your wrists, temples, and heart center while setting your intention to explore the astral plane. This ritual can invoke a sense of spiritual protection and facilitate a smooth transition into the astral realm.
  2. Astral Travel Incantation: Create a personalized incantation to recite before embarking on astral projection. Craft words that resonate with your intent and desires for the journey. Invoke the energies of the cosmos, spirit guides, or deities you connect with, seeking their guidance and protection. Repeat the incantation with conviction and clarity, infusing it with your focused energy.

Shamanic Practices: Shamanism, with its profound connection to the spirit world, offers unique perspectives on astral projection and the rapid heartbeat phenomenon. Ancient rituals involving drumming, chanting, and trance-like states can induce altered states of consciousness, facilitating astral travel. Exploring the works of renowned shamans like Carlos Castaneda, Michael Harner, and studying the traditions of indigenous cultures can enrich our understanding of astral projection from a shamanic standpoint.

Unveiling Esoteric Wisdom:

In addition to scientific and magical perspectives, it is essential to draw inspiration from ancient wisdom and mystical teachings. Exploring texts such as “The Kybalion” by the Three Initiates, “The Tibetan Book of the Dead,” or the teachings of renowned mystics like Hermes Trismegistus and Helena Blavatsky, can provide profound insights into the nature of astral projection and its effect on the heart and consciousnes

Finding Balance:

To fully appreciate the rapid heartbeat phenomenon during astral projection, we must strike a delicate balance between scientific understanding and the mystical realm. By integrating research from quantum physics, neuroscience, and parapsychology, we can enrich our exploration of astral projection’s multidimensional nature. Investigate the works of respected researchers like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Eben Alexander, and Dr. Joe Dispenza to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and the transcendental experiences associated with astral projection.

Scientists continue to investigate consciousness, exploring concepts such as quantum physics, neurobiology, and parapsychology. By incorporating findings from studies conducted by pioneers like Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Dr. Dean Radin, and Dr. Bruce Greyson, we bridge the gap between science and the metaphysical realm.

The rapid heartbeat experienced during attempts at astral projection is a fascinating phenomenon that intertwines the realms of science and the supernatural. By drawing upon ancient wisdom and esoteric practices, we can enhance our understanding of this enigmatic occurrence. As we continue to explore the mysteries of astral projection, let us embrace the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of our physical existence and embark on transformative journeys of consciousness.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is essential to approach astral projection and any related practices with caution, ensuring proper guidance and knowledge to ensure personal safety and well-being.

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I completely relaxed and mentally stimulated my chakras. My body went numb and I began to ‘vibrate.’ My heart was really POUNDING really fast. My breathing was also dramatically increased, as if i had just ran a mile as fast as I could. From the perspective of an observer, I highly doubt that I appeared “asleep” or even remotely relaxed. However, I focused on not moving an inch of my body and quite frankly I felt numb and paralyzed. The only really motion was coming from my heavy breathing and heavily ‘pounding heart.’ Some say that this is actually the Heart Chakra in action. It feels so real though. With my eyes closed, I could have sworn that even my chair was rocking to the sides from the vibration. Are the ‘vibrations’ supposed to be physical? Or just internal? Because it felt like I was on a boat sailing in the ocean. I did, however, reach a point where my eyes were involuntarily fluttering under my closed eye lids. Was this the REM stage? What can I do to fully project? Is it dangerous that my heart pounds fast? Or is it all in my head (HEART CHAKRA)? Is it normal to breathe so heavily?

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Same thing happened to me right now. Came here looking for answers. However after the experience I checked my heartrate and it was only at 87 bpm. So does this mean it was just the heart chakra? Considering 87 bpm is nothing to be alarmed of. I’m still unclear but I experienced everything you’ve all said; fast heart rate (seemingly) , vibrating body, fluttering eyes, watery eyes and a little light, Mine was blue though. Interesting that’s for sure.

Pasteau Côme

I am a bit late but I actually lived the same thing not too long time ago when trying an astral projection (almost 2 years ago). I remember my I was relaxing for like 10 minutes ans trying to roll out method and then I switched to the ladder method. It was exactly at this moment that I had my heart starting o bet more nd more heavily. I don’t know what happened. After I couldn’t stay like this so I sit on my bed (I was layn) and my chest did stop the pounding only like 5 seconds later. I don’t know if this is heart or chakra because my heart, when POUNDING like this does take a full minute usually. After, I just slept and thought hard about it, but I didn’t try it again. I think I am going to do this tonight and we’ll see what happens. If I don’t reply to this comment 2~3 days after posting it, I am not good. I’ll do everything to share you my experience. BRB


I’ve been able to lucid dream for years, before I even knew it was a thing. When I was a young teen I got the idea, “what if I could create and control my own dream?” And pretty much the first time I focused on that, I was successful. My friends looked at me like I was crazy lol. But because I experienced that, it forced me to find myself more spiritually. The more I did, and started to really understand body and soul and inner light, astral projection didn’t just seem possible to me, I accepted as fact, my portal into the greater world of possibilities and knowledge. For a couple years now, I’ve made a few uninspired and uniformed efforts into AP. Just today, I found a formula that works. I had always tried at night with binaural beats. Today I tried in the morning, shortly after I woke up, in complete silence.I laid down and focused on my breathing. Once I felt really relaxed, I began “the rope technique”, which, I had only recently learned about. As I focused my thought on that it felt like my right foot was under a lot of weight. About as soon as I recognized that feeling, it seems there was a short period of time that my thoughts and feelings left me and for just a moment, there was just nothing. Then seemingly instantly, I felt my body shuddering or vibrating quite violently. Before I got alarmed though, I realized I was on the verge and got a little excited, a little nervous and at that time I realized my heart was pounding out of my chest. I hadn’t heard or read anything about the heart reacting that way to that point and a bit of panic set in. But I thought to myself, “you’re there! You’re right there! Keep focusing!” And as I tried to push on, my eye lids began to flutter and thinking back on it now (this happened a couple hours ago, so memory is fresh),I could see a tiny but bright light shining through my fluttering eye lids all the while my body shaking like an earthquake. My eyes started to water and as I tried to process everything that was happening, I felt like I had missed my window and just focused back on my body and calming it down. I tried to get back to that “vibration” stage again, but was unsuccessful. But I keep thinking about all the little details of it now and realize, at the peak with my body shaking, my heart pounding, my eyes fluttering and tearing up, I truly felt the ability to step out of this reality. I felt like there was two halves to myself laying there. My bottom half, my body lying there in suspended animation, my upper half, my energy or spiritual being hovering half way out half way in my physical body. Even when I fully came to and got out of bed, I felt different. Like everything I know around me felt different. I know I was close. CLOSE. And excited for the possibilities when I learn to better control this and fully project. Now I feel I understand how it all feels and I can just keep practicing. This universe we live in is an AWESOME place and I’m excited to explore it in ways few people can or understand.


The same thing happened to me. The vibrations went from my toes up to my hands and then my heart started to pound really hard. They say that the trigger to leave the physical body lies in our most active chakras. It might be our heart chakra which is most active?


last night i felt this same very thing, i was relaxed and i felt as if someone poked me in the toe, right afterwards the exact same thing you described happend.

mia delight

Seek the advise of an experienced projector.
It only happened to me once and it was spontaneous I didn’t even know what was happening,
Until years later when I read about it and realized I had an out of body experience..

vash sunglasses ~Catholic~

That sounds like a panic attack.

Leslie Goudy

any good reference will tell you not to do this. it’s alway’s dangerous when your heart pounds.