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How Anyone Can Become Clairvoyant

Have you ever thought you could become clairvoyant? You can, but first, you need to understand clearly what clairvoyance is. What does it mean to be clairvoyant?

Remote Viewers : America’s Psychic Spies – Documentary

Exploring inside the US intelligence’s use of psychic Powers for high level spying missions, The film enters a cloak-and-dagger climate of paranoid psychic warfare, extra-sensory spying programmes and psychic power used as a legitimate government weapon.

Divine Kumbha Mela : Celebrating the Divine

Divine Shakti Festival invites everyone to celebrate the Divine Feminine in all her forms at this sacred event, as world class teachers, speakers and Saints lead you into the continual expansion of health and consciousnesses, not only for us as individuals but for us as a United Humanity. Divine Shakti Festival is a week of healing, sacred ceremonies, yoga, meditation, divine shakti procession & lots of celebration

Past Life Regression and Hypnosis

"Was real estate agent Bill a bootlegger in 1920s Chicago? Could website designer Natasha have been a bean trader in Nepal? Everyone wants to know if we have been here before. Will we be here again? In Past Life Investigation, ordinary Canadians are invited to explore this idea by trying past life regression hypnosis, which some believe can give access to past life memories."

Covert Hypnosis : How to Perform Conversation Hypnosis

Every day of our lives, we are being hypnotized without us knowing. Covert hypnosis is also used as a powerful tool in the world of advertising by embedding subliminal messages in them. Before you attempt to try covert hypnosis, you must thoroughly understand it first.

How we read each other’s minds

Sensing the motives and feelings of others is a natural talent for humans. But how do we do it? Here, Rebecca Saxe shares fascinating lab work that uncovers how the brain thinks about other peoples' thoughts -- and judges their actions.