Quartz Crystal – The Master Stone

Quartz crystal is available virtually everywhere on the planet. Yet, as crystals, either natural or tumbled, it is an extremely powerful tool in clearing ones chakras, healing, meditation,...
Posted On 22 Nov 2010

Telekinesis – A theory that makes it possible

We made rapid progress after realizing that the Earth was not flat, but no matter what evolutionary stage we are at in terms of understanding existence, we could always still be wrong in our...
Posted On 05 Apr 2010

Working the Intuitive Muscle – What’s it Like Being Psychic

I’m an intuitive healer. Another word for what I do and who I am is psychic. Normally the first question that enters into peoples’ head’s when I tell them about myself is, “Can she read my mind?”...
Posted On 14 May 2010

What Is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a form of clairvoyance that takes the form of reception of outside signals through auditory perception, or delivered directly to the recipient in thought form. Where clairvoyance...
Posted On 14 May 2010


California, Occidental – Northern California Non Center Courses

Vipassana is an age old method to get an insight of the true reality. It uses the combination of mindfulness of breathing and the contemplation of impermanence to gain the insight. Observation of breath gradually leads to awareness of perpetual changes involved in breathing and...
Posted On 27 Aug 2016
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In Focus

Vishrant – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

As a Osho Sanyasin for much of the 1980′s, he developed a love for practising meditation, living in numerous mystery schools and devoting his life to discovering his true nature.Having lived the fast-paced life of a high-flying businessman, he sought to live out the new name he...
Posted On 03 Jul 2012