Covert Hypnosis : How to Perform Conversation Hypnosis

Healing relationship break-ups

Healing with Tears: Magick of Crying

Psychic Medium and Mediumship



How to Tell When Your Crown Chakra is Godding

Our crown chakra is also known as the seventh sense and is an aggregation of the energies from all of the other chakras. Through it, we can reach into deeper parts of our subconscious and discover our true selves. It also serves as our bridge to a life force that is greater than...

The Chakra Centers and the Capacity of Activating Them-part 1

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya In ancient times researchers of Soul Sciences very intricately discovered conscious principles of the subtle world. In this very human body (microcosm) they found the mirror-image of the material world (macrocosm). Whatever one perceives in the...
Posted On 29 Mar 2010

Detect negative energy patterns in your home

Having negative energy in our homes can have an effect in our family life. The negativity flows from our surroundings into our systems causing us to act negatively too. We do not want discord in our homes so it is best to assess if there are negative energy patterns in our home...

Sacred Vibration Of God

Even science is having to admit that life isn’t all about solids and predictable experiments even since quantum physics came on the scene. Just because we didn’t know about all those wild sub-atomic and subtle particles didn’t mean they didn’t exist of...
Posted On 13 Apr 2010


Nataraj Meditation Instructions

This meditation drawn from Tantra, offers a powerful method to connect yourself with the cosmos and feel the immense strength rising out of this meeting
Posted On 22 Jun 2012

In Focus

Osho PachaMama Costa Rica

PachaMama is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. It’s a place to dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, connect with nature and celebrate life. The village is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley.
Posted On 02 Dec 2011
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Summon A Succubus

A Funny Short Film about a lonely and troubled virgin who will go to any lengths to get laid. Including summoning a lady demon from the depths of hell.
Posted On 03 Mar 2013

Shit Meditators Say : New Age Humor

Tiny Devotions Presents Shit Meditators Say..Tiny Devotions are Boho gypsies, yogi fashionistas who spread awareness about mala beads that inspire their wearers to live more peaceful intention based lives.
Posted On 23 Jul 2013

How to Hug : Hugging as Meditation

Famous for its festivals, workshops and conscious clubbing weekends, Osho Leela is one of the UK’s leading personal growth centers offering workshops during the year in healing, massage, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance, comedy, theater and life-coaching skills.
Posted On 19 Apr 2011
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Supernatural Busted in India

This documentary reflects how people in remote villages are still getting ripped off by " fake guru ", This fake guru claims he has a supernatural powers that could make ashes from thin air, produce bank note from nothing, give a holy water, and cure the sick from the evil spirits
Posted On 26 Mar 2011