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How to use a pendulum for Channeling your Spirit Guides

WHAT IS CHANNELING? Simply put, Channeling is the process of accessing higher energies and then translating impulses of information into your language. These higher energies (also known as “Astute” * Energies) can be identified as God, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, or Higher Soul-Selves. The Higher Soul-Self is the soul’s true divine essence, literally the part of the soul that is not encumbered by this physical reality...

Time Machine – Documentary

Discover the spectacular events that shaped the world - as if you were there. Time-lapse photography techniques are combined with cutting-edge graphics to condense millions of years into seconds, bringing the incredible history of Earth vividly to life. In 'The World Shaped by Time', viewers witness the unseen forces that shape the great landscapes on our planet as only exposed by manipulating time. 'The Race Against Time' tells the story of how...

Tantric Meditation For Couples

It is with much excitement that I share this Couples' Meditation with you! You and your partner can use this whenever you like. It's a good one to help you plug into one another after a long day apart. It's also a good way to energize and start the day, and on the opposite end, it can be a relaxing thing to do before bedtime. And if you do this meditation right before lovemaking, it can really strengthen your chemistry!

Crystal Healing

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about in regards to Crystal Healing? I know I did before I started to collect, use and educate myself about them. So what is Crystal Healing? Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals as Healing tools, it is a holistic form of therapy and vibrational healing suitable for all ages and conditions. It is also non-invasive and gentle as well as being an ancient...

Bardo-The Death Journey

The cycle of life, death and rebirth is the process of evolving our selves to higher and higher levels of consciousness and awareness. To fear death is a primordial instinct for the Western man. It is the supreme punishment we give our criminals and the worst we think could happen to someone is to die before their time.Working as a medium has given me some insight as to what goes on after the heart stops.