Orbs : Spirit Guides or Just a Dust

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Orbs, the ethereal entities that captivate the paranormal investigation field, have become a subject of both awe and controversy. While some perceive orbs as spiritual guides, others argue that these mysterious phenomena can be attributed to natural elements like water droplets, dust, snow, or rain.

Believed to be supernatural beings, orbs manifest in the form of spherical or oblong shapes. They often make their presence known when individuals or groups enter a deep state of meditation.

During meditation sessions or moments of intense compassion and unconditional love, orbs can manifest in a variety of colors. These enchanting spheres of light can be observed while connecting with birds, animals, and even other humans.

According to various Eastern schools of thought, orbs witnessed during meditation are manifestations of energy. Sages, seers, and long-time meditators perceive these orbs as higher forms of energy that extend a warm welcome to all, identifying us as radiant waves of light.

If you’re curious to witness orbs firsthand, try incorporating them into your meditation practice. There are several techniques you can explore to enhance your chances of seeing orbs.

Keep in mind that the visibility of these luminous beings during meditation varies from person to person. Factors such as your physiology and spiritual growth from past lives can influence the experience.

To prepare for your orb encounter, create an atmosphere conducive to meditation. Play soothing spiritual music and focus on your breath. Try practicing the Anapanasati Meditation technique for approximately 10 minutes until you achieve a state of inner calm.

In the ancient science of meditation, the color blue frequently appears. As you delve deeper into your meditative state, this blue hue, also known as the blue pearl, gravitates towards your third eye.

During the initial stages of meditation, as you close your eyes, you may notice a faint white light. This signifies your entry into the spiritual realm, leaving the physical world behind and establishing a spiritual connection.

As you progress further into your meditation, you may begin to perceive a wide spectrum of colors. These colors may appear as swirling lights, becoming more vibrant and expansive, as if reaching out to touch you.

Consistent meditation practice enhances the intensity of the blue orb. Symbolizing the golden chakra, this radiant golden orb represents the transpersonal chakras located above our crown. The magenta-colored orb, on the other hand, exudes a denser and warmer energy. It embodies our aspirations to become our divine selves, the essence of our true being.

Some meditators find themselves overcome with tears when embraced by a magenta-colored orb, as it symbolizes a profound spiritual connection.

Lastly, the violet orb, or the violet ray, holds the highest frequency among all the orb colors. This mesmerizing orb invites meditators to release karmic burdens and facilitates healing. Its potent energy promises spiritual evolution and growth.

During your meditation practice, as you encounter these magnificent colored orbs, remain open and receptive to what you see. Embrace the profound spiritual journey they offer, and let their radiant presence guide you towards greater understanding and enlightenment.

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