Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Meditation
Third Eye Meditation

Every human being is blessed with spiritual gifts, Tibetan and India Yogi’s believed such psychic powers can be release through the third eye, the sixth chakra or popular as the sixth sense in west. Third Eye is located on an area between your eyebrows and a little higher than the nose bridge.

Third eye is not a physical eye as such, though eastern occult refers it as a inner eye , certain school of thoughts in Buddhism use this psychic gift for healing and inner exploration of soul’s karmic journey of many lives.

Many Clairvoyants are known to get vision through their third eye and they describe it as a ball of light on forehead that emits rays according to level of consciousness. Often Psychic’s with a high level of clairvoyance see bright lights rays when they close their two physical eyes. These rays can vary in color as some can be silver or white.

Often lots of people’s third eye is not yet ready to receive or be aware of their spiritual gifts and is blocked from birth or after some tragic accident in life.

The third eye or the sixth chakra is connected to the first, second and third chakra’s and blockages in this lower chakra’s will also cause a blockage in the sixth.

Oftentimes, the cause of blockages are fear and disbelief, though Tibetans and Indian yogis believe third eye if blocked from birth could be a result of past life karma .

Skeptics refuse to believe that they are blessed with a sixth sense and many wannabes are anxious of the images they might see once they have opened theirs.

As per ancient occult, Third eye will allow you to feel sensations beyond the capabilities of your physical faculties. psychic gifts like clairvoyant sight you will see auras, visions, chakras and other spiritual impressions. It will enable you to discover new and higher levels of consciousness and take a peek into your past life. Opening your third eye to can be helpful for getting in touch with your own spiritual energy, reading other people?s auras and connecting to higher spiritual dimensions.

To explore your dormant third eye, you must practice proper and various meditation. It takes a lot of spiritual practice to work out your sixth sense but with practice, you can have blessings of your sixth sense.

If possible practice a healthy spiritual life, have compassionate attitude towards life and other living beings, If Possible try to give up on Non Veg Food and rather give a shot to healthy veggie protein diet.

Do your mediation in a conducive environment.Look for an indoor area where you can relax and not be distracted by people or unnecessary noise.

Make sure you are also wearing comfortable clothing as it is important that your body should feel light during this form of meditation. Dim the lights, take a seat and start meditating.

Close your eyes and try to relax by concentrating first on your breathing. Make sure you breathe in regular, relaxed patterns. Inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Let your body fall into a relaxed state. Concentrate on the area where your third eye is located. Imagine that there is a ball of light on it and this ball is slowly opening. It sends out gentle streams of light but do not panic. Let go of all your fear and anxieties. Do not think of what to expect next; just concentrate on the light.

As your third eye dispels more light, ask your spirit guide to help you in your meditation. You do not have to ask aloud. Allow your body to fall into a deeper state of relaxation this will allow your third eye to open and dispel a golden glow from your forehead.

You will start seeing thoughts, images and visions the same way when you use your imagination or when you are daydreaming. Again, do not panic. Continue being relaxed and based on your own discernment, you can now close your meditation. Do not do it abruptly.

First, you have to bring yourself to the present. Be aware of the present setting and also of your own body. Regulate your breathing and keep it relaxed as you slowly open your eyes. Do this meditation to train your third eye?s perception and to keep it open.

In the beginning stages of your third eye’s openings, you will only be able to see simple images. You will see colors and indistinct forms of energy. As you continue meditating for your third eye, these images will become clearer. As an example, you will be able to see a cloud of energy surrounding a person. That cloud is the individual’s aura.

People search so hard for the secret to a better life. What they fail to realize that the secret to a more intelligent, happier life is within themselves. Opening your third eye will not only let you see spiritual planes and beings. You will also experience the fruits of meditation in your life. As you continue to train your third eye, you will gain better control of yourself; your thoughts and your emotions. Your life will surely be more fruitful than it ever was.

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