Meditation for Contacting Spirit Guides

Before learning how to contact your spirit guide, you should be able to identify what a spirit guide is and what is its purpose in your life.

Typically, a spirit guide is also known as a guardian angel or protector. It is a spiritual being that guides you in fulfilling your earthly purpose. It also protects you from any form of danger, be it in the form of accidents or simply in the form of bad choices.

Each person has a spiritual guide but each one is different. Some spiritual guides were able to take physical form in their previous lives while some didn?t. Some can also be constant companions which are present in ever event of your life.

However, there are some who only make their presence felt during times of need. There are also some spirit guides that are highly ascended masters like Jesus, for example. However, there are also some that are just regular spirits and sometimes they can be your deceased relatives.

Not every spiritual being that you can come in contact with is your spirit guide. It is important that you must know what a true spirit guide is. A true spirit guide is one that is concerned for your well-being.

Although your guide?s purpose is to lead you in making the right decisions, a true spirit guide respects your freedom to choose your own path. It offers you wisdom when you need counsel and compassion when you need comfort.

To feel the presence of your spirit guide and heed its message for your life, you must learn how to contact it. The best way to communicate with it is through meditation.

Proper meditation should be practiced to establish a clear connection and a strong, beneficial relationship with your guide.

In meditating, it is important to have a conducive environment. Make sure that you do your meditation in a peaceful area without any distractions.

It can be indoors or outdoors as long as it is peaceful and quiet. Likewise, you can also make use of an incense or candle to create a relaxing atmosphere.

One simple way of meditating is to simply sit down and focus on calling your spirit guide. Your spiritual guide can read even your innermost thoughts and feelings so there is no need to call aloud.

As you meditate, you may see its form in your mind?s eye. It is possible you can recognize its face while it can also be possible that you cannot. There are also some cases that you may not be able to see its appearance but you may be able to feel its presence as some guides are only a form of energy.

Some can feel their guides touching their faces while some can recognize their guide?s presence through fragrance. Sometimes, it is possible to feel nothing at all but all you have to do is to trust. You can try meditating again or transferring to a more conducive area for meditation.

Ask your guide for its message to you. Again, you can do this step without having to speak a single word. The message might come to you as a feeling or an insight. Sometimes, it may not come right away. It can come days after and can possibly be received through another person.

There are a lot of ways your spirit guide can make its message known. Be open and perceptive. Before you end your meditation, make sure to thank your guide. You can simply place your hands on your chest, right where your heart is, and say a soft, ?Thank you.?

Another way of meditating is to take two chairs and place it facing each other. Sit on one chair and try to invite your spirit guide to sit on the other. Allow your guide?s energy to form on the other seat.

You can ask for a sign of its presence. It can show you an obvious physical sign while it can also make subtle hints of its presence like the faint smell of burning or flowers. Follow the same process. Ask for its message and end your meditation with gratitude.

After you end your meditation, it is recommended that you do not jump to doing your regular routine right away. It is best to contemplate on your meditation first. You can write your thoughts on a journal or you can go for a walk.

You can also meditate but this time, you have to let go of focusing on your spirit guide. You should now focus on yourself.

Being in touch with your spirit guide will make significant changes in your life. Your purpose on this world becomes clearer and the quality of your choices are improved.

Change your life by taking the time to build a relationship with your guide. You will live your life with a sense of happiness, purpose and peace knowing that you are well guided.

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