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Psychedelic Projection on Woman

Bardo-The Death Journey

...more info go to marveena.com) or Christ light. This is where the term saved by the light comes from. If an individual had led a good life but did not...

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Death is Not the End, Scientific Theory Uncovers Evidence of a Parallel Universe

...of death. As you delve into this extraordinary realm, it is essential to approach it with reverence and respect. Honor the interconnectedness of all beings and the sanctity of life....
Graceful young female alchemist with knife in hand in black outfit preparing potion from various herbs among smoke in dark room

Meditation for Contacting Spirit Guides

...acknowledge their support. Reflecting on Your Meditation and Integration After completing your meditation practice, it is recommended to take some time for reflection and integration. Rather than immediately returning to...
Embarking on the Path of the Warlock: Unveiling the Mysteries

Path of the Warlock: Unveiling the Mysteries to become a real life warlock

...magic at all and i really believe in witches and warlocks i i really want to become one please teach me Jane Really? Jason Im so confused because i see...
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Negative thoughts give birth to low vibrations

...to draw negative circumstances into our lives. The Impact of Complaints: In our daily lives, we often find ourselves making small complaints, sometimes without even consciously realizing it. These complaints,...
Angels and Entities: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Supernatural

Angels and Entities: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Supernatural

...be a result of unseen forces working in your favor. Mysterious Noises: If you’ve heard distinctive buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears, it is believed to be a sign...
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Osho – The Day I Became Enlightened

...to attain it, but I had always failed. It was bound to be so – because it cannot be an attainment. It is your nature, so how can it be...
Full Frame Shot of Eye

Third Eye Your Sixth Sense – What illuminati does not want you to...

https://youtu.be/9-d83w51lEE The third eye in reality is the pineal gland. It is the spiritual third eye, our Inner vision and it is considered the seat of the soul. It is...
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Dream Analysis and Interpretation

...motivations. They are the disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes, buried deep within our subconsciousness. In his influential work, “The Interpretation of Dreams,” Freud delved into the significance of dreams. In...
FAST heart beat during attempt on Astral Projection

Understanding the Fast Heartbeat Phenomenon during Astral Projection

...in the morning, shortly after I woke up, in complete silence.I laid down and focused on my breathing. Once I felt really relaxed, I began "the rope technique", which, I...
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Energy and Human Bodies

...inspiration into your daily life. Immerse yourself in a harmonious energetic tapestry that nurtures your soul. Mind-Body Connection: Empowering Your Electric Being Your mind and body are intrinsically connected, forming...

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Discover the Incredible Benefits of Turmeric: The Ancient Herb for Health and Wellness

...scientific research is uncovering the remarkable benefits of turmeric and its active compound, curcumin. From its potent anti-inflammatory properties to its role in combating brain diseases and enhancing cognitive function,...
Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis or Being Attacked by a Ghost/Spirt?

...my eyes, but I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. Now, I’m Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. But I’m not one of those...
What is the difference between mediums and necromancers?

What is the difference between mediums and necromancers?

...the spirits, integrity in one’s intentions, and the understanding of personal boundaries are fundamental aspects of these practices. It is vital to approach the spirit world with reverence and humility,...
Transform Your Home's Energy for a Happier, Healthier Life: The Power of Positive Energy

Detect negative energy patterns in your home

...do not want discord in our homes so it is best to assess if there are negative energy patterns in our home so we can immediately address to it and...
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Satori: Glimpse of Enlightenment

...experience enlightenment: Satori and Samadhi. So What is Satori Satori is a glimpse of the enlightenment that never lasts too long. You get into the state of a peak experience...

Vipassana Meditation Course at Dhamma Center

...in its original, authentic form. It is not taught commercially, but instead is offered freely. No person involved in its teaching receives any material remuneration. Cost of the Course There...
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Sun its effect on Astrology and Human consciousness

...that your perception of reality expands, revealing profound insights and unlocking hidden realms of knowledge. In conclusion, the sun’s influence on human consciousness is a subject of immense intrigue and...