How to Tell When Your Crown Chakra is Godding

Our crown chakra is also known as the seventh sense and is an aggregation of the energies from all of the other chakras.

Through it, we can reach into deeper parts of our subconscious and discover our true selves. It also serves as our bridge to a life force that is greater than ourselves, the cosmos.

The development of our crown chakra is often compared to the blooming of a lotus flower. This metaphor shows spiritual growth or evolvement. As our crown chakra matures, our spirituality is taken to a higher level, hence the evolution.

Godding, by simple definition, refers to the maturation of our crown chakra. It is a divine blossoming that results to us being able to reach our highest spiritual potential.

When we are experiencing godding, we have reached a higher level of personal consciousness that we learn to fully embrace ourselves. We also develop a deep connection to the cosmos and experience its entirety.

There are many signs indicating that our crown chakra is godding. One of them is being able to fully understand and accept change.

We realize that change is the only permanent thing in this world and that it is necessary for growth. Instead of fearing it, we welcome it into our lives and adapt to it.

Realizing our ultimate purpose in this world is also a sign of godding. We come to a complete consciousness of who we truly are and what our unique role to play is.

As we build a profound connection to the cosmos, we begin to understand its interdependent nature and that we have a special part in this interrelationship.

Godding also involves reaching a higher level of consciousness that enables us to receive information from the cosmos and apply it into our lives.

Application is a very important factor to recognize godding. Simply receiving spiritual information is not a sign but being able to put this information into practical use indicates growth. We have gone from simply being a receiver to being a do-er.

We also choose the simple path when we are godding. It is easy to be tempted to take the low, satisfying road because it is more comfortable.

However, when we are godding, we realize that riches or material things are not important and can only cause turmoil. It can hinder us from reaching our spiritual potential and can result in conflict with other people if improperly handled.

We learn to take the simple path where we are at peace and in harmony with ourselves and those around us.

Finally, one of the signs of godding is when we start to comprehend the true nature of love and its role in the cosmos. When we have come to know the real essence of love, we start to love and forgive genuinely. What is meant by love here is not the kind that is shared between two intimate partners.

This love is an agape kind of love. It is a love for all forces, human and spiritual, that exists in the cosmos. It is a deeper, purer form of love than its romantic form.

We also realize that love is the building block of the cosmos. It is the binding force that can bring all the different forces together in harmony.

The godding of our crown chakra does not put us above other people. It does not make us ?better? than they are because we are able to master our spirituality and reach our full potential.

When we are godding, we take on the responsibility to love others infinitely and sincerely. It does not mean that we should set ourselves apart. Instead, we become one with the cosmos and we take an active part in it by radiating positivity and love.

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