For the first time in history, science is in the position to accurately describe the next step in human evolution and the biological mechanism behind the evolution of the brain. The world will be radically different in the New Age of Super-Consciousness, when nuclear weapons will no longer exist. Super-Conscious men and women will point the way to a healthier environment with living conditions and lifestyles in harmony with the demands of accelerated evolution. This is the realistic vision witnessed through the eyes of Pandit Gopi Krishna in a state of Cosmic Consciousness.

“Inner Paths Magazine” was one of the few early American publication to interview anyone who had actually achieved Illumination, Super-Consciousness or Enlightenment, so it is quite probable that the number of people who have ever heard the voice of someone who had first-hand or direct knowledge of that phenomenon is something less than a few hundred at most.

The interview went on for more than two hours and was video-taped by Global Concepts, Inc., in Stamford, Connecticut in November, 1978, on the occasion of the Pandit’s first visit to the United States. Here is the beginning of that interview.


  • Listening to Gopi Krishna is an extraordinary
    experience. If you travel the world for years and years, the chances of finding anyone who has lived in the state of Super-Consciousness would be extremely rare. So it’s worth viewing the video a couple of times, taking in every word. If you do this, you will change your own consciousness over a perdiod of time. Words from the lips of a person such as Gopi Krishna are seeds that will take root. You will see for yourself!

  • I would appreciate your opinion on whether or not i expericed a kundalini awakening, i will send a PM to you 🙂

  • A great mahatma. Actually his experience is shared by innumerable people through all schools of what you may call light & sound yoga.
    However many masters warn their disciples not to tell others of their inner experiences, as there is a tendency for the ego to be inflated and this prevents further development.

  • Many “Masters” warn their disciples not to tell others of their inner experiences for several reasons. 1. Most of the time, bizarre inner experiences are signs of one having become unhinged or schizophrenic. 2. Many “Masters” are nothing but pretenders and don’t want their disciples to pass them by in their spiritual development, and 3, inflated ego goes with the territory and as they say, “pride goeth before the fall.” Illumination is far more rare than winning a $billion in a lottery.

  • I think the best advice is that you try to be present, in “the now”, as much as you can, let go of ego and egotistic thought patterns.
    Maybe, also try to get rid of bad habits.
    Listen to your body. And enjoy it!!!! It’s a wonderful experience!!! Say thank you to the Universe for giving you this gift as often as you can!

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