What is the difference between your Aura and your Soul?

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In the realms of metaphysics and spirituality, two concepts often intertwine and provoke curiosity: the aura and the soul. While they are distinct in nature, they share a profound connection that shapes our essence. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the enigmatic relationship between these two ethereal entities, exploring their meanings, characteristics, and significance in our lives. Prepare to expand your horizons and embrace the intricate tapestry of the invisible realms.

1. The Aura: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Have you ever wondered why some people speak of seeing auras, while others remain skeptical? The aura, a subtle energy field surrounding living beings, is often imperceptible to the untrained eye. However, through enhanced perception and focused meditation, we can begin to witness its magnificent presence.

1.1 Understanding the Colors

Imagine the aura as a radiant tapestry of colors that embodies our innermost qualities. Contrary to popular belief, a white aura is not colorless but represents the amalgamation of all hues. It is a vibrant symphony of energy, an invisible rainbow that encompasses our being.

1.2 The Meaning of Colors

Each color within the aura carries significance, revealing different aspects of our state of being. For instance, a black aura symbolizes the absence of colors—a state of negativity and nihilism. Conversely, white, as the ultimate aura, reflects the presence of all colors, exuding positivity and wholeness.

1.3 Unveiling Your Aura

To catch a glimpse of your own aura, embark upon a simple yet powerful practice. Before sleep, visualize a six-inch aura surrounding your body—a shield of protection from external disturbances. This practice not only nurtures your aura but also cultivates inner peace and resilience.

2. The Soul: The Essence of Aliveness

When we explore the concept of the soul, we venture into the very core of our existence. The soul is the essence of our being, encapsulating the profound sense of aliveness that transcends external circumstances. Let us delve deeper into the nature of the soul and its significance.

2.1 Total Aliveness

The soul represents an unparalleled state of vitality—a boundless aliveness that arises from within. It is a connection to the vastness of existence, where we become the ocean without needing the presence of water, the sky without the need for boundaries, and love without external triggers.

2.2 A Journey Within

While the aura is a reflection of our current state, the soul transcends the ephemeral nature of existence. It invites us on an inner voyage, where we rediscover our true essence and the infinite wellspring of vitality that lies dormant within us.

2.3 Nourishing the Soul

Just as food nourishes the body, moments of repose nurture the soul. Engaging in meditation, introspection, and contemplative practices allows us to connect with our soul, replenishing its energy and embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery.

3. The Interplay Between Aura and Soul

As we gain a deeper understanding of the aura and the soul, we begin to fathom their interwoven dance within our being. While the aura reflects our current state of energy, the soul remains the eternal essence that weaves through lifetimes. Let us explore the harmonious union of these two mystical forces.

3.1 The Aura as a Reflection

The aura acts as a mirror, offering insights into the state of our soul. By observing the colors and vibrations of our aura, we can discern our progress on the path of self-realization. A black or gray aura signals the need for growth and transformation, while a vibrant, white aura signifies a state of profound harmony and enlightenment.

3.2 Cultivating the Connection

Meditation serves as a gateway to strengthen the bond between our aura and soul. By integrating the practice mentioned earlier—visualizing and protecting our aura—we create a shield that guards our soul from external disturbances. This conscious connection allows us to navigate the world with grace and resilience.

3.3 Embracing Wholeness

Ultimately, the interplay between the aura and the soul guides us towards embracing our innate wholeness. As we deepen our understanding of these ethereal realms, we recognize that external challenges and problems often stem from the influence of others. By fortifying our aura and honoring our soul, we become less entangled in external turmoil and regain the power to solve our own problems.

In the dance of aura and soul, we glimpse the intricate tapestry that underlies our existence. The aura, with its vibrant colors, offers a reflection of our current state, while the soul embodies the eternal essence of our being. By nurturing our aura and nourishing our soul through meditation and introspection, we unveil our true potential and embrace a life of profound aliveness. As we embark on this mystical journey, let us remember that we are the creators of our own reality, and the unseen forces that guide us are ever-present, waiting to be explored and embraced.

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Your aura is your soul; your soul is your aura. They’re the one and same energy source. The pineal gland is the recorder, or witness. It records everything you’ve ever done in your whole life – good and bad (well, good and bad as determined by way of your vibrational frequency). Your third eye is the doorway and also the switch in which you can control your vibrational frequencies. Some people are naturally born with the doorway open or the switch flipped “on”. Not very many are born with “open” or “on”. The majority have the doorway closed and the switch “off” when born. This is due to the parents’ energy or vibrational frequencies. I call it the domino effect. It’s literally decided by who you are born from. I was born with the doorway “open” and the switch “on”. When the doorway is open, you are able to feel things and sometimes see things (sensitive) – energy, ghosts, etc. When the doorway is open and the switch is on, you can talk, see, and interact with ghosts etc; manipulate energy (auras, etc); manipulate reality; and other things that relate to that – leave the body, psychic, etc – the list goes on. I have always been able to tell if people have their doorway open, the switch on, etc. Lately, I have been altering people’s vibrational frequencies so they can go to Heaven when they die. You may think you can go to Heaven because you lead a good life, but that’s never been the case. It’s the state that your soul/aura is in when you’re close to death. I bet when certain people read this in the psychic fields and the energy healing fields, they’ll try to monopolize on making profit. However, I’m the only one in the world that can do this. No one knows the vibrational frequency pattern (except myself) on how to perform this combination.

Patti R

Your soul is real – it is the part of you that is connected to God; it is the essence, the heart, of who you are – and whose you are. It is your true life force. Your soul is the eternal part of who you are – it is your connection to Christ.
Your aura is nothing more than the “feeling” you give to other people by the way you hold yourself, the way you hold your face, the way you look at or avoid looking at people – the way your socially interact – it is simply peoples’ perceptions of how you’re feeling/acting today. In the 70s and 80s, It used to be described as “the vibes” you give off.

Paulie D

My soul exists; my aura does not.

Gothic Shadow

Same thing that’s the difference between the light and a lightbulb. Your aura is the energy field surrounding your body. The soul is your direct link the the Divine.


Your soul is your essence, your being. An aura is the energy that is emitted from your soul, and it is connected with your emotions.

Cendrine D

Your aura is simply like, the energy surrounding your body that’s from your soul.
If you’re troubled, your aura will be dark.