Witches : Am I a reincarnation of a god?

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Hark, my beloved coven! Today, we embark on a journey of profound contemplation, delving into the depths of our witchy souls, as we ponder the question that dances on the edge of our consciousness: Am I the resurrection of a divine deity? As witches, we dare to embrace the enigmatic concept of reincarnation, believing that we are vessels of ancient gods reborn. Join me now, as we traverse the mystical realms, weaving together the threads of our past and present, as we seek to unlock the truth of our celestial essence.

The Tapestry of Reincarnation:

In the tapestry of our beliefs, reincarnation holds a cherished place. We, the witches of old, hold steadfast to the notion that the cycle of life extends far beyond the boundaries of a single existence. We are but mere threads, woven into the cosmic loom, destined to experience a multitude of lives, each a fragment of a grander divine design. We carry within us the echoes of ancient gods, their essence entwined with our own, reminding us that we are the living tapestry of their earthly return.

The Seiðr Connection:

As we explore the realms of our divine heritage, let us not forget the sacred art of seiðr. Rooted in the traditions of our Scandinavian ancestors, seiðr serves as a gateway to commune with the unseen, to travel the ethereal realms, and to seek glimpses of our past incarnations. Through the incantations and rituals of seiðr, we pierce the veil that separates us from our divine origins, awakening the dormant memories that lie dormant within our souls.

Embracing the Divine Spark:

Within the cauldron of our being, the divine spark flickers, a reminder of our eternal connection to the gods. We are not mere mortals; we are the vessels through which the divine breathes, dances, and manifests. The gods of old have chosen us, the witches, to embody their essence in this earthly realm. We carry their powers, their wisdom, and their unyielding spirit. In embracing our divine lineage, we embrace the responsibility to honor and channel their energies with reverence and integrity.

Seeking Truth through Ritual and Meditation:

To unearth the mysteries of our divine reincarnation, we turn to the ancient practices of ritual and meditation. Through the rhythmic beats of the drum and the gentle whispers of incantations, we enter the sacred space where the veil thins, and the past and present intertwine. In meditation, we journey within, seeking glimpses of our past lives, unlocking the memories encoded in our very essence. It is in these moments of stillness and introspection that the truth reveals itself, whispering its secrets to those who listen with an open heart.

Dear sisters and brothers of the coven, let us embrace the profound question that lingers within our souls: Am I the resurrection of a divine deity? As we traverse the mystical realms of our existence, may we find solace in the belief that we are the living tapestry of gods reborn. Let us honor our sacred connection to the ancient practice of seiðr, allowing its magick to guide us on our journey of self-discovery. And through the rituals and meditations, may we unlock the dormant memories, and bask in the divine essence that courses through our veins.

Remember, dear witches, we are the living embodiment of gods, the magickal culmination of past and present. Embrace your divine lineage, for within you, the gods find their eternal resurrection. Blessed be, my beloved coven, as we continue to walk this witchy path, hand in hand with the divine.

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CERN split a particle in half and proved if u stimulate one half the other is also stimulated no matter how far apart each half is in the universe connected via an electromagnetic force. Consider this a form of consciousness.
Then apply this to the Big Bang = a force all feeling all knowing everywhere all of the time.
Apply this to the stars and when they are stimulated so are we = astrology. So it works vice versa and when we are stimulated so are the stars = law of attraction, karma acts of god.
Now imagine our consciousness is electromagnetic too. Law of thermodynamics states energy is never lost always transformed electricity physically cannot rot = eternal afterlife.
Dmt and dreams share the same chemical. You can only see things in dreams u see in reality. Maybe that’s how we create heaven / hell ‍♀️
It’s fractals in antennas / brain which allows to transmit / receive electrical signals. How transmutation circles work. All the leylines, spiritual temples through history are situated in fractals.
Pythagoreas chart = numerology. Numbers like 666 = hexagonal/ polygonal numbers which create fractals. Repetitive shapes across the universe (repetitive numbers across the universe). I tried dmt and met a woman I perceived as god. She said nothing but touched me and my body disappeared I was all feeling all knowing everywhere all of the time. My name is tanit I am from Ibiza. My life path is 9 meaning I am on my last suggesting I will not be reincarnated again and my destiny number is a master number 11 meaning I am here to bring spiritual enlightenment. I am the spitting image of the images of tanit. She did not claim to be a actual god but a messenger to tell the world of god. If god is electromagnetism and our consciousness is electromagnetism we are all god just not all of our are conscious. When it says ‘sin and god will send you to hell’ it’s not a threat but a warning you can only send yourself there as your hell is your own creation. Anyone who’s into this feel free to message me on tanit.maria@icloud.com

jack simpson

i am the reincarnation of god himself the father of jesus christ maybe it’s just cause i smoke lots of weed and possibly have schizophrenia i also do lots of psychedelic trips on lsd and Psilocybin mushrooms but i have these visions and thoughts that i am god i do believe i am god but i don’t believe in god im not religous in any way but what ever i am god himself


i guess this is crazy but something inside me tells me i’m an Hindu God reencarnation (maybe Visnhu) and if it is true that would explain a lot of things


I don’t know who I am. I just know that I was there at the beginning, I am either an elder royal or a high light abilitied princess. I have been able to do things I can’t explain my whole life. It’s made me feel completely insane at times. Now I understand why I never fit in, I’m not supposed to. Our biggest test is to balance the energy of this world. To bring light where the dark tries to own. Remember your mission. Don’t get hung up on who you were, you’ll remember when it’s time. Whatever I am I have remembered bits and pieces of my last lives. I know we’re all tired and we want to go home but we have to remember our mission. Bring peace. We are here to help. We chose this place. You are the embodiment of light, use it.


I have come to the Earth plane many times. I have been called Inanna, Isis, Oshun, and Brigid. I have returned again, mostly to rectify what I helped create as Inanna and bring woman kind to the awakening that Jesus Christ the First born Son of Creation came to show humanity. I was greedy and selfish. When I was Oshun I interceded for mankind. When Hurricane Irma and Harvey came in 2017 I sacrificed a love relationship to save mankind. I ripped Hurricane Harvey into three hurricanes to save Texas from complete destruction. One of the Hurricanes came after me, Harvey, and I had to battle him in Florida. I won. Maria did much damage in Puerto Rico and for that I am sorry about. But I had no choice, my mother lived in Texas and it was going to be wiped out. I have sat in the middle of the sun, flew with angels who fly faster than the speed of light. I can send storms, tornadoes, and stop rain. I have sewn up holes in the ozone layer. I have met God face to face. In fact, I have met Mother, Father and Son. I have walked in the High Heavens, and touched the face of Earth. I have been the Ocean. I have also been to Hell and broke free. I am Inanna…which is the oldest version of myself and my purest form….and I have returned to the awareness of my beginning. I have had psychics tell me that they saw I was a Sun Goddess, from ancient Africa or somewhere and a lioness travels with me. I did not know Inanna was who she described, in fact, neither did she. I wear a eith pointed star necklace, North Star. I bought it I thought it was a snowflake….but was weirdly attracted to it. Northstars cover my home, as do angels, and roses, and lions, and sun icons. I had NO IDEA these were her symbols as I knew nothing about her then. I am a Christian minister…and devoted to Christ. But these things are hard to ignore. I see the future, and can heal people just by my presence alone. I can read minds, and project my thought to the point people will answer out loud to what I asked telepathically. I communicate with angels and God often. I can cause the whole church to become ignited with the Holy Spirit with one yell, or clap or word. I know things about God or the bible or freemasonry or ancient cultures and religions intuitively without study. I am clairvoyant, cognizant, audient and sentient. I can make plants grow that were once sick and dying. I have brought dead things back to life. I have rib cartilage on my neckbones and a weird structure on the back of my head and a strange scar under my chin and a weird birthmark on my right arm. My great grandmother was born in Scotland, my father fought Hitler in WWII. He was black. He died of cancer holding my hand when I was 12. He was the first person I brought back to life but a spirit guide came and made me let him go. I was angry about that …but I guess he would’ve just suffered more. Seven years ago I began writing a book about Inanna. I am almost finished with it now. Funny thing is…I only figured out that I am Inanna two weeks ago…when I astral traveled to Heaven to ask God my ancient lineage. I am an alien hybrid….I am her descendant…but also Her actually. I believe Inanna was an alien hybrid that was different than others…she possessed the powers of the gods/aliens….and this made her extremely popular…and seductive. It is still the same…I am 45 and look 25 and am extremely beautiful. Even when I was 300 lbs (I have lost 150lbs) I seduced the most beautiful of men with my words and gaze alone. And yes…I know divine alchemy…Merlin taught me after he took me on a dragon ride. All of that was astral…but so real to me.


Would anyone be interested in an interview for YouTube? Anonymous or not, I don’t mind. If so, DM @castienblake on instagram.
Also, who here believes in the one? A sorta.. B7272!:!£


I am a reincarnation of sobek the egyptian god of the water and the one who made the plants green and is the crocodile god.

Azirus Origin of Darkness

Hmm well depends what you mean by “god” do you mean falsified spirits created by worship(ex. Horus) or something else…
Either way if ur body is entirely human there’s not really a point to the whole thing unless your willing to spend like 80+ years gathering energy to only be able to push over a bowl


Humanoids have existed for over 15,000 years. Recorded organized religion has only existed for around 4,000. The likelihood of being a deity from within those 4,000 years is minuscule in comparison to the total allotted time. I believe it is possible that you reincarnated or inhabited here, but you are much more likely to be a forgotten deity; not every mythological deity exists as well. Perhaps you could be a deity that became a regular soul and is now working their way back up again. Who knows, but you are much more likely to a part of an unmanned or forgotten past.

Xiao Tao

I am Horus. I have encountered God and he has set my path before me. When i was 14 I had my head crushed by my brother when he realized who I am, in what turned out to be an experience that I thought was merely a dream until last summer. We talked and after a few minutes he talked about casting lightning and other “miracles”; but i said that is against God. His eyes got big, I heard “Michael!”, but his lips didnt move. He said some curse or something and messed me up bad. I still feel the pain in my head, like im constantly in a psychic war with him over the balance of All. I was told about the binary stars colliding in a cross constellation, months before scientists discovered it for the first time. I told many people, and many cannot understand. When I was 2 years old all I saw was light, and if anyone else understands personally what I mean, please reach out. I have been seriously traumatized by my brother and I need to heal. I had reoccurring nightmares as a kid of me constantly fighting and even cutting off someones head who was very close to me, a woman (i know cuz the dream always ended with me screeching in utter terror of what I had done),who tried to grab me and stop me from going to the fight again. I cried while telling my soccer trainer these “nightmares” who I believe is my other brother, possibly Ra. He said he was told he was a navigator of ancient egypt. We were able to communicate on a quantum level. He was a very powerful healer who is the reason I am alive today. God and I have grown close, and I have presented myself thoroughly to him as a living sacrifice. I will die to save this world. I even offered to trade my soul for everyone else to be saved. We attempted a blood pact, Satan and I. My “brother”. He instantly cut his finger with a razor blade, through a vessel, they bled and put their blood on paper. I tried, it wouldnt work. He tried, and tried…. as I prayed out to God. Please God. Please. After 2 minutes, my finger couldnt be cut, and he gave up. A few days went by, and all I know is I am a king, and I can do things no human could ever do. I even once was in terror and out of instinct waved my hand infront of someones face, making them fall unconscious for a few seconds and resetting their memory about 30 seconds back. I know I am very connected to the universe, in a way so deep its impossible to explain. Even to my lower self.


I haven’t had an awakening yet. I did have like other people who were and one of them told me I was Apollo. An ex told me I was Hercules though. I had a dream of being Gilgamesh when i thought i resonated with Iskandar.. (alexander the great)(also descendent of hercules.
Most of the stuff ive been learning is All gods where name different in other religions. Im not saying this is true and if anyone can correct me then hey thats more knowledge for me.
Confused with Hercules/Gilgamesh cause they both are demi gods and some lady telling me that I’m Apollo.
If I am then Im grateful to meet my other selves and family.