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Psychedelic Projection on Woman

Bardo-The Death Journey

...Like is attracted to like. While in spirit, after you have recuperated from your death/rebirth, you can come and go, learn, experience what you desire in the boundaries of that...
Full Frame Shot of Eye

Third Eye Your Sixth Sense – What illuminati does not want you to...

...with once people learn how to sense it and interact with it. In the depths of history, a clandestine group known as the Illuminati possessed ancient knowledge that surpassed the...
temple, overgrown, old-7459835.jpg

Osho – The Day I Became Enlightened

https://youtu.be/oqXYUiWVlkU Osho is one of the best-known and most provocative spiritual teachers of our time. Osho, known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, continues to inspire...
Pagoda in Gray Scale Shot

What are the similarities of Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism? the diffs?

...your knowledge?” He has asked, “How is your understanding?” Understanding is totally different from knowledge. Knowledge is borrowed, understanding is one’s own. Knowledge comes from without, understanding wells up within....
Graceful young female alchemist with knife in hand in black outfit preparing potion from various herbs among smoke in dark room

Meditation for Contacting Spirit Guides

...guide to come together in energetic communion. Follow these steps to invite your spirit guide using this alternative meditation approach: Creating the Sacred Space: Arrange two chairs in a quiet...
zen, buddha, peace

Osho : The Third Eye experience

...at the top of your head. As consciousness goes on moving upwards, first you know yourself, and in the second step you know the whole universe; you know the whole...
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Discover the Incredible Benefits of Turmeric: The Ancient Herb for Health and Wellness

...Curcuminoids Turmeric owes its remarkable properties to a group of compounds called curcuminoids. Scientists have identified one particular compound, curcumin, responsible for the herb’s vibrant hue. Extensive research has revealed...

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Sacred Shield: Fortifying Your Spirit Against Succubus Seduction – Banishing Succubi

...the lords prayer shud do it Erik A succubus is not an evil spirit. It reflects the person summoning it. Stop listening to all the religious Jumbo. Check out http://www.summoningsuccubus.com/summoning-a-succubus...
FAST heart beat during attempt on Astral Projection

Understanding the Fast Heartbeat Phenomenon during Astral Projection

...I completely relaxed and mentally stimulated my chakras. My body went numb and I began to ‘vibrate.’ My heart was really POUNDING really fast. My breathing was also dramatically increased,...
broken buddha

What happens when you break a buddha statue?

...bit of bad luck. charlene https://dharmafolk.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/throwing-away-your-buddha/ charlene http://www.uuworld.org/spirit/articles/168671.shtml charlene https://dharmafolk.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/throwing-away-your-buddha/ charlene http://www.uuworld.org/spirit/articles/168671.shtml Hinani shivpuri It denotes trelationship protection. Laughing Buddha is a symbol of prosperity and beginning of a new...
What is the difference between mediums and necromancers?

What is the difference between mediums and necromancers?

...and misconception, explores the art of communicating with the deceased. Rooted in ancient civilizations and occult lore, necromancers tap into the realm of the dead to seek knowledge, guidance, or...
Woman in Black Brassiere and Panty With Blue and Purple Light

Astral Projection Step-by-Step

...are even slower in frequency and greater in amplitude than alpha waves, to know if your have reach theta stage is that you may experience sleep paralysis like situation. Don’t...

Osho: Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

...that those who had come just to see the dance, suddenly forgot the dance completely. Something else was there by the side, a door opened through it.. (commentaries by osho)...
angel, woman, white-2816236.jpg

Unlocking the Power of Your Crown Chakra: The Path of Godding

...godhood, transcending the limitations of ordinary existence. Understanding Godding: Harnessing Your Divine Potential: Godding signifies the remarkable process of ascending to god-like power through the maturation of the crown chakra....
"Harnessing the Divine Energies: The Secrets of Sex Magick in the Pentagram's Embrace

The Secrets of Sex Magick : Ritual of Sexual Union Within the Pentagram

...themselves and attain profound states of union with the divine. The Orphic Mysteries: Communion with the Divine: In ancient Greece, the Orphic Mysteries provided a path to mystical knowledge through...
portrait, woman, face-3630101.jpg

Negative thoughts give birth to low vibrations

...to draw negative circumstances into our lives. The Impact of Complaints: In our daily lives, we often find ourselves making small complaints, sometimes without even consciously realizing it. These complaints,...
Angels and Entities: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Supernatural

Angels and Entities: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Supernatural

...perplexing occurrences could be signs of supernatural intervention. Astral Projections: Vivid visions or astral projections can transport us to unfamiliar realms or places that seem detached from our known reality....
woman, face, light painting-6174830.jpg

Energy and Human Bodies

...energetic web. We become susceptible to blackouts, surges, and moments of low currents, causing disturbances within our very core. Much like appliances blowing out or connections shorting during electrical complications,...