The Mystic Flames: If you burn Tarot cards will you be cursed?

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Tarot cards have long been revered as potent tools for divination and spiritual exploration. As we delve into the depths of their wisdom, it is essential to consider the various rituals that can enhance our connection with the cards. In this mystical journey, we will explore the power of cleansing and ancient rituals associated with tarot. By blending esoteric knowledge and sacred practices, we aim to create a harmonious and transformative bond with the tarot deck.

The Sacred Flames: Burning Tarot Cards: Burning tarot cards has been viewed as a ritual of release and purification. By offering the cards to the flames, negative energies are symbolically consumed, making space for new beginnings and positive vibrations. It is crucial to approach this ritual with reverence and intention, understanding that curses or negative repercussions arise from beliefs and intentions rather than the act of burning itself.

Salt Bath Purification: Immerse your tarot deck in a bowl of sea salt or Himalayan salt, allowing the salt to absorb negative energies and purify the cards. This ritual, performed for a designated period, helps cleanse and rejuvenate the energetic essence of the deck. Gently wipe the cards dry after the purification process to prevent moisture damage.

Moonlight Charging: Harness the power of the full moon by placing your tarot deck under its radiant light. The moon’s energy cleanses and recharges the cards, revitalizing their potency. Leave the deck exposed overnight, ensuring protection from moisture and the elements, and allow the moon’s transformative energy to infuse the cards.

Sound Cleansing: Utilize sound vibrations to cleanse the tarot deck. Create harmonious sounds using singing bowls, bells, or chimes, and allow the vibrations to penetrate the cards, dislodging stagnant energies. Visualize the sound waves sweeping away negativity and restoring the cards’ energetic clarity.

Crystal Clearing: Tap into the purifying properties of crystals by surrounding your tarot deck with clear quartz, selenite, or amethyst. These crystals absorb and transmute negative energies, supporting the cleansing process. Leave the deck alongside the crystals for a period, allowing their energies to renew the cards’ vibrational essence.

Ancestral Blessing: Invoke the guidance and protection of your ancestors by performing a ritual of ancestral blessing. Light a candle next to your tarot deck, expressing gratitude and respect for your lineage. Call upon the wisdom of your ancestors, inviting their positive energies to infuse the cards and deepen your connection to the spiritual realm.

Tarot Ritual Bath: Prepare a bath infused with cleansing herbs, oils, or salts, such as lavender, rosemary, or chamomile. Before entering the bath, shuffle your tarot cards and set the intention of receiving guidance and insight. Submerge the deck in the water, visualizing both the purification of the cards and the cleansing of your own energy.

Ancient Divination Rituals: Incorporate ancient divination practices to enrich your tarot experience. For instance, practice scrying by gazing into a black mirror or a bowl of water while holding the intention of receiving insight and guidance. Combine this technique with your tarot readings to enhance your intuitive abilities and tap into deeper realms of wisdom.

Cleansing and ancient rituals play a profound role in deepening our connection with tarot cards. Through practices like burning, salt baths, moonlight charging, sound cleansing, crystal clearing, ancestral blessings, and tarot ritual baths, we can purify and recharge the energetic essence of the deck. By incorporating ancient divination techniques, we expand our intuitive capacities and access deeper layers of wisdom. Remember to approach these rituals with respect and adapt them to align with your beliefs and intuition. Embrace the transformative power of these rituals as you embark on a mystical journey with your tarot cards.

Note: It is important to exercise discernment and adapt rituals according to your own beliefs and cultural practices. Seek guidance from trusted sources and respect the sacred nature of these rituals.


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Lisa Howell

Only way to destroy a deck completely is to drown them in water.. completely soak them face down.. and yea there are cursed decks of tarot cards.. it is essential to get them blessed and consecrated before you use them.. and metro them wrapped in Japanese Silk.. I learned this after I was given a cursed deck. Everyone I read for had major catastrophes happen within weeks.. the readings were very dark…a spiritualist minister told me to drown the deck..

Spiritual Meditation

You can burn them if you think it will help, its not a bad thing.


From a Biblical standpoint, tarot cards are simply a means to willingly invite spirits into your life as they need something physical to reside in–in extreme cases, a person.
Burning them is the best thing you could do as it will remove them from the item, and should remove their influence from your life… Unless, you’ve been dinking around with other spiritistic items, such as Ouija boards or participating in other spiritistic practices.


I am crazy about tarot cards,but i do not think you will be cursed if you do not beileve in them but if you do good luck


never burn tarot cards. if the person that gave them to you believes they have power, if you believe they have power, or if the deck found you. You will be punished for burning them. besides why go to such lengths to destroy them when the trash can is probably 5ft away.

kymm r

yes, if you burn the cards you are essentially burning your fate/ life line this is why it is never done and cards are passed on down the generations.


Totally NOT true.


Why would you wanna burn them anyway?

Sadhara Satguru

Nope ~ not true.


It won’t curse you, BUT if you want to get rid of a deck, MAIL THEM TO ME instead, hehe


Sorry ; But burning a tarot card or deck of cards will NOT curse you or anyone else …

The One

Only if it is the 5 of knives, other than that you can burn them all you like. *rolls eyes*

The Master Thespian

I once played poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and 5 people died.






only if you believe you will!!


NO! they are just a deck of cards, like if you drop a bible does the skies open up and send lightning crashing down upon you?! relax, you wont be cursed, and besides curses only work if you truelly believe in them

Cybele K

No! Silly notion, where did you get this idea??
Tarot cards are just a deck of cards…nothing nefarious about them.