Unlocking Our Past Lives

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The concept of reincarnation reminds us that we have led lives in our past. From our Birth we cannot remember our past lives that we have led, for simple reason if we are born with past lives memories, we would have been born with emotions, misery and traumas of our past lives and so our memories of past lives are locked in deep levels of our consciousness.

Our past lives also have a way of affecting our present selves. Sometimes, we carry old patterns from our past without even knowing it.

Unlocking our past lives will not only heighten our level of consciousness but it will allow us to understand ourselves better. We will be able to address to our weaknesses most especially if they are an effect of our past lives. It will also be a big help if we seek healing. Knowing who we were can allow us to be at peace and harmony with our both our past and true selves.

Based on the writings of Patanjali, The compiler of the Yoga sutras,, our souls are burdened with an accumulation of impressions as we go through several lifetimes. For our souls to be free of these burdens and for us to also address to our current problems, we should go through a process which he described as reverse birthing. This process involves uncovering our past lives through hypnosis or commonly known as past life regression.

To perform self-hypnosis, you must find a place that is free from any form of distraction. You should also conduct your self-hypnosis at a time of the day when both your mind and body are awake and alert. Begin this process the same way you would when you are meditating. You have to start by relaxing your mind and body through calm, proper breathing and freeing yourself from unnecessary or negative thoughts. Take note, self-hypnosis can be done better when you are lying down.

You may uncover negative energies or impressions as you unlock your past life so it is important to start the process first by ensuring your protection. First, visualize that you are surrounded by a white light. This white light will protect you from any negativity that you will encounter along the way. It will keep you strong when you will feel weak. Let it envelop you with love, warmth and enlightenment. Now calmly say, White light, you are my protector. Keep me safe.? You can create your own similar mantra.

When you feel safe enough, you are now ready to start your self-hypnosis. Visualize yourself walking down a hall. It doesn?t matter how the hall looks like. You decide. It can have white walls, large windows, antique ornaments or whatever you prefer. Imagine that at the end of the wall, there is a big door. This door opens up to your past life. The moment you open it, memories of who you were will be revealed to you. Think of this as you walk towards the door. As you approach the doorstep, be sure to prepare yourself first. It is normal to feel afraid but before you open the knob, you should deal with this fear first. You should make yourself realize that whatever you will see on the other side of the door will be for your own betterment; that if you want to attain happiness in the future, you have to face your past. Keep yourself relaxed and your mindset on the right track. This will allow you to uncover your memories more effectively.

As you open the door, you will be filled with impressions and memories from your past. Sometimes they could be abstract and all you could see are colors or they could be vivid images. Either way, take note and be observant of what you see. You will also encounter negative impressions or memories. Oftentimes, they will break your hypnosis and you will find yourself back to your awareness. When this happens, do not try again. Instead, get your journal and record everything that you have experienced during your self-hypnosis. You should also do this even if you are successful in performing self-hypnosis.

Remember, do not perform self-hypnosis for consecutive days or too often. Doing so will lead to inaccurate results. Each time you undergo hypnosis, be sure to record everything and indicate the time and date. Reviewing your notes after several sessions will allow you to further understand your past life. You will be able to identify and connect impressions and memories through them.

In unlocking our past lives, the most important key is to believe. If we do not believe, no matter how hard we try or no matter how precise we are at following each step, we will not be able to get any results. Skepticism will not get you anywhere but your belief will take you through lifetimes.

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