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Does Masturbating Reduce Inner Energy? Chakra, Chi, Ying, Yang – Spiritual Implication

...and inner conflicts. Catholic monasteries, for instance, have witnessed instances of celibates engaging in masturbation as an outlet for their repressed sexual desires. This raises questions about the viability of...
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Witches : Am I a reincarnation of a god?

...transformed electricity physically cannot rot = eternal afterlife. Dmt and dreams share the same chemical. You can only see things in dreams u see in reality. Maybe that’s how we...
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What does it mean to imprint on someone in shaman and native american culture?

...now know the world is not flat and the Americas have been discovered. http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1O70-shamanism.html http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761563107/Shaman.html This one has a section on shamanism outside northern Asia! http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/538200/shamanism This one is quite...
Decoding the Warm Sensation in the Bottom of the Feet: Blending Science, Spirituality, and Ancient Wisdom

Decoding the Warm Sensation in the Bottom of the Feet

...or hot. gets me every time. i do alot of meditation though. i also believe im psychic. Have lots of crazy dreams, never any nightmares. i try to create my...
third eye mark

what is significant about a Tilak mark over the third eye?

...and harmony in our lives, granting us the freedom to be true masters of ourselves. Without its activation, we remain enslaved to countless desires and influences. Activating the agya chakra...
How to perform Yoga Nidra : Art of Yogi Sleep

How to perform Yoga Nidra : Art of Yogi Sleep

...are no dreams to explore. Instead, it is a process of emptying. It purifies the deeper aspect of the human mind by exploring deep impressions or samskaras. This is essential...

Vipassana Meditation Course at Dhamma Center

...for a scheduled course. Vipassana meditation courses are offered all over the world search for the center near you at Dhamma.org Vipassana meditation course short Intro Article Source : http://www.dhamma.org/en/vipassana.shtml...
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Full Moon Night : High Energy For Meditation and Healing

...has a lot of energies that spells cast become more potent. More effective. Creatures conceptualized through our deepest fears like werewolves and vampires are also believed to become stronger while...
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Healing Inner Child Meditation

...it is important to take steps towards healing. You cannot heal yourself if you do not heal your inner child. As an adult, you have to get past your fears...
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Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history

...after messed up or on the end. Fikusdreams Is it the same deal with a piece of flourite in the form of a crystal Stone? David R. Purnell Hope, there...
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Zazen Meditation

...meditation techniques. Meditation is a powerful tool for purifying the mind, body, and spirit. As you progress in your practice, you may reach a point where your desires no longer...
FAST heart beat during attempt on Astral Projection

Understanding the Fast Heartbeat Phenomenon during Astral Projection

...recite before embarking on astral projection. Craft words that resonate with your intent and desires for the journey. Invoke the energies of the cosmos, spirit guides, or deities you connect...
Tibetan Book of the Dead

A Way of Life: The Tibetan Book of the Dead

...what he desires for the rest of his life, and an investigation of a young boy who might be the reincarnation of a great spiritual figure, and why people think...
Biggest Lie of Self-Help and Spiritual Industry for Personal Growth

The Myth-Busting Journey of Personal Development – the Biggest Lie of Self-Help and Spiritual...

...universal expansion! We, mere humans, are meant to waltz through the contrasting experiences of life, which sparks desires and fuels our journey towards expansion. Let’s take a moment to appreciate...
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Covert Hypnosis : How to Perform Conversation Hypnosis

...being hypnotized every day without even realizing it? From captivating novels that transport you to other realms to lucid dreams that blur the line between reality and fantasy, these are...
Clairvoyant Meditation

Psychic Intuition By Clairvoyant Meditation

...spiritual world. Whether through dreams, flashes of images, or gut feelings, clairvoyance reveals itself in subtle and ordinary ways. Cultivating Your Clairvoyant Abilities: While clairvoyant messages can occur spontaneously, you...
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Psychic Vampire : What Are They?

Historically a psychic vampire has been a creature that lurks in the dark or shows up in ones dreams and drains them of their life force, leaving them listless and...
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Clairvoyant Meditation for Psychic Intuition

...into your past, present, and future, accessing them through intuitive flashes and vivid dreams. Additionally, you can establish a profound connection with your spirit guide, fostering clearer communication and guidance....
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The Meanings behind Animal Spirit

...Native American shaman provides great assistance to be more familiar of the animal energies that you can obtain. Ancient Native American shaman can also show you what your animal dreams...
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Can I use Sudocrem on a tattoo to help healing? Pros, Cons, and Advice

...best product out there that you can buy at any drug store is Aquaphor. Vasline, A&D Ointment, lotions and soaps can pull out the color. http://www.smoothfx.com/Instructions_tattoo.html http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/la-ink/kat_corner/tattoo-tips/tattoo-tips.html MissTashaa-x dont use...