Achieve Psychic Intuition By Clairvoyant Meditation

Each of us is capable of being our own psychics. You do not have to go to a professional psychic to receive spiritual messages for yourself. You can do it on your own. You possess a powerful tool within yourself that can significantly improve your daily living.

Clairvoyance allows us to see things on a spiritual level. With it, we can vividly see our past, present and future. Many of us has already experienced clairvoyance at some point in our lives. We just do not recognize it because it happens quite normally. Sometimes we experience instances we describe as d??j? vu. For example, there might be one occasion where you went to a place for the first time. Upon arriving, you feel weird like you have been in that place before and in some cases, you might have even seen the place in your previous dreams. That is not just your imagination; that is clairvoyance. Clairvoyance does not require a grand phenomenon with smokes and sparks. It comes in the forms of dreams, flashes of images, gut feelings and other subtle forms.

Although you can receive clairvoyant messages spontaneously, you can gain control of your clairvoyance with constant training. If you are able to train yourself, you can enjoy the benefits of clairvoyance anytime, anywhere. Meditation is an effective way to open up your consciousness for clairvoyant intuition. However, before you meditate, there are some important factors that you need to consider.

Fear, for one, is a common cause of a blocked clairvoyant vision. A lot of people are scared of what they are capable of seeing once they have reached a higher level of consciousness. They are also scared of unpleasant messages that they may learn about their future. Oftentimes, others are fearful of what people will say about them. They are afraid of criticism and being left out because of their beliefs. If you have fear in you, it?s time to let it go. Fear is useless and can only hinder you from unlocking your great spiritual potential. To cast out fear, you can try this simple meditation. In a relaxed state, clear your thoughts and concentrate on letting fear and negative emotions out of your system. You can use imagery so can effectively channel out your fear. Imagine fear as a stream of dirty liquid that your body needs to be rid of. Let it flow out of your body. Let it go. As you finish your meditation, take a deep breath and tell yourself, ?I have let go of my fear. I am ready to see my future.? Fear is not easy to fight and it may take a lot of meditating for it to subside. However, with constant practice, you will feel the fear slowly dying in you, making you ready to get in touch with the spiritual world.

Another thing you have to remember in receiving clairvoyant messages is that you must be mindful of the questions you ask. Do not just simply ask general questions like, ?Will I meet someone tonight?? ?Will I do well in my job?? Formulate your questions in a more detailed manner such as, ?Will I meet my next boyfriend in the convention tonight?? ?Will I be able to get my promotion next month??

The rule is simple: specific questions generate specific answers.

To receive a clairvoyant message, you must meditate. First, find a suitable place where you can do your meditation without any form of distraction.

As you relax your breathing and your body, concentrate on your third eye.

Your sixth sense is the key to opening up your spiritual consciousness. To open it, you have to concentrate on where it is located; on your forehead, in between your eyebrows.

Focus all your energy to that spot. You will feel a sense of lightness within you and you may start seeing flashes of images or visions that bear the spiritual world?s message to you.

You may also feel it through receiving a specific insight in your thoughts. It can come in several ways.

It is also possible that you will feel nothing but if you do, just keep trusting. Do not give up trying to get in touch with the spirit world.

If you do not understand what you see or what you have felt, you can ask for interpretation or clarification. You can do so without speaking aloud. Again, you may either see images or feel something. Either way, just be open and sensitive for clear communication to take place. Just relax your mind and make sure you are free from any unnecessary thought.

Just like developing any other regular skill, it takes time to develop your clairvoyant intuition. It takes a lot of practice, patience and discipline to finally be able to reap its fruits. If you feel like you are having difficulties, do not dismiss all hopes right away. Continue to be trusting and be free of fear. In time, your persistence will be rewarded.

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