Are You Going to Hug A Tree today??

I was just wondering is anyone was planning on hugging a tree today (4/22) and telling it "Happy Earth Day!"?

How many words that mark a self labeled Pagan or Heathen poster can reveal them as a newbie or Christian?

Hint: One is the usage of Warlock. Old English wÆr = pledge Old English leogan = to lie First used in Christian documents on Witch Crafts. Changed...

What's the difference between "meditation" and "concentration"?

Every time I ask someone to explain meditation to me, their answer ends up sounding like the definition of "concentration", except you close your...

What, if any, is the significance of Consciousness on a Universal scale?

. e.g.: Can Consciousness ultimately alter the physical fate of The Universe? ... Or has it already, through its mere evolving presence? P.S. Dangit,...

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