Home Discussion Forum Zhumell Tachyon 25x100 Astronomical Binoculars any good?!?

Zhumell Tachyon 25×100 Astronomical Binoculars any good?!?

Do you have one?
Do you recomend something different?
Can we see things during the day?


  1. As an astronomer I’m always checking out equpment so that when people come to our observatory we know about their telescope or if they ask about binoculars.
    This one your asking is one of the best on the market. The size is perfect for deep sky viewing, We have this one at our observatory and you made the right decision.
    I wouldn’t reccomend anything different . Go for it .
    also pick up this book ..
    WE have it and recomend it to all binocular stargazers.
    Here are some binocular astronomy sites as well .
    As far as seeing things during the day ..
    dawn and dusk and during the night are best times during the day. The sun’s too bright to see planets etc during the day .
    go here to see what’s up .. http://www.skytonight.com
    Enjoy the binoculars !
    need any help finding objects , my email is on my profile

  2. Yes they would make excellent Astronomical binoculars. But be aware of this. They require astronomical tripot to support them. Not a sissy camera tripot, an honest to goodness major league tripot.
    During the day you can also use them for observing but they are very heavy.


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