ZetaTalk: on Misinterpreted Messages..most beautifully truthful is it not?

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Referring to those subconscious spirit insights
Most serious efforts to impart information about the coming pole shift and spiritual Transformation to follow have included the following:
Death and destruction of massive proportions with whole cities destroyed utterly [End of the World].
An increasing polarization of the orientations with an aggressive last-minute effort by the Service-to-Self to influence potential converts [Antichrist].
Rescuing the Service-to-Others oriented from the cataclysms, briefly, and then returning them to a world scheduled to become a home for the Service-to-Others [Rapture].
The Transformation of human society to Service-to-Other communities as only the Service-to- Others are allowed to incarnate on Earth [Heaven on Earth].
Where the above parallels the Christian understanding of the coming millennium, other cultures and religions will likewise have parallel myths and prophecies.
If one reads with insight they almost make sense.

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if it shifts you wont have to worry about tomorrow. byeeeeee

Tony T

If I knew what you were basing these quotations on, I would perhaps understand you better, however, I don’t, but here’s my spin on your point:
Over the past 100 years or so, there has been an increase in the number of groups offering to provide the “fast-track” to paradise, the “Join Our Group To Get To Heaven” religions. All offer the same deal in different ways, basically, it’s Heads-you-win or Tails-you-get-the-prize.
Each group “spins” it’s message slightly different, calling their Supreme Being by a different name, but as with all religions, God is Allah is Vishnu is Elohi is Jah is Zeus is (unameable) is Money is ….


uuuurrrrrr uummmm, yeh ok, will Jesus be there?

andrew w

try dowing a difernt study thay just are not geting it


ihad a spirit insite once. Vodka makes me do bad things!


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