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Zen problem.?

A Buddhist monk got an errand from his teacher: to meditate for exactly 45 minutes. He has no watch; instead he is given two inscent sticks, and he is told that each of those sticks would completely burn in 1 hour. The sticks are not identical, and they burn with variant yet unknown rates (they are hand-made). So he has these two inscent and some matches: can he arrange for exactly 45 minutes of meditation?
I finally resolved it, stupid me.Clue to you guys,
you can burn the stick at multiple places 😉 Hope one of you gets a best answer from me 🙂


  1. If a stick does not burn at a constant rate, there is no way to use it as a measuring device for anything besides a 1-hour increment, assuming it is known the stick will be completely burnt in exactly 1 hour.


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