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zen meditation question?

I was at school and my friend said he tried zen meditation and he said his soul left his body and he could walk around and see him self. Is that true or was a it a dream, because i want to try it and see if it works. Thanks


  1. it is a perfectly plausible thing but it takes years of practice your friend may have been thinking about leaving his body so much that wen he fell asleep he dreamed he left his body. try it one time. wen u go to bed think about one thing intensly and wen u fall asleep ull usually dream about wat u were thinking about

  2. those types of things can happen in meditation.
    but it happens to very few people who meditate.
    ///good time to try meditation
    tricycle magazine is promoting a 90 meditation program.
    20mins a day. see site below for info.

  3. When someone is meditating in the right way it’s possible to abandon physical body, but it’s impossible to be sure that your friend actually experienced this kind of out-of-body or astral projection.
    We Psychic Masters usually ask apprentices to visit in astral projection places where they have never been at and they should describe the place later. We always visit the place to verify the apprentice’s description. Of course, some of them are able to get out of their physical body, but maybe some 80-90 percent of these stories are lies. More over, when you experience astral projection, do not share it with anybody else but your guru.
    Blessed Be!
    Lucy B. ~ Psychic Advisor

  4. OBE’s are not the intended purpose of Zen practice; such an experience would be labeled “makkyo” — which means something like “distracting hallucinatory event.”
    Zen is about coming to rest in the basic truth before, and more simple than, our ideas and notions. It’s about coming into intimate contact with our “original nature” — which is an utterly natural and powerfully beautiful thing. It is not, though, a paranormal ability.

  5. it is very much possible and reality for those who practice deep meditation,but to attain explained state presence of real spritual master is a must,HIS aura is capable of bring u back into ur body and ur body too needs full protection,VISHVAS MEDITATION IS THE BEST place in the entire universe to explore the inner releams including self realisation.

  6. Go ahead and try it but your soul won’t leave your body and walk around.
    Go ahead and try it and see what happens.
    Nothing will happen.


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