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Yugioh Ritual?

Could I ritual summon a ritual monster eg: Shinato The king of higher plains when i have the ritual magic card in my hand but no ritual monster. Or do i have to have both cards in my hand to summon. Like I have 2 cards in my hand: Blue eyes and shinato’s arc. COuld i use shinatos arc and tribute blue eyes ( 8 stars) for shinato which is in my deck (shinato has 8 stars too)


  1. You must have the Ritual Monster and the Ritual Spell Card in your hand and a Monster with stars equal to or more as the Ritual Monster on the Field.

  2. Nope. You always have to have the Ritual Monster in hand. Just run Manju of the 10,000 Hands and Senju of the 1,000 Hands and you won’t have trouble getting the Ritual monster to your hand.

  3. to somen a ritral monster you hafe to acktevate the right spell card do wat it sez then somen the ritrael monster from you’r hand!

  4. When you are ritual summoning, you must have the ritual spell and monster, though the spell card can be on the field until you need it to activate. Then sacrifice a monster (or however many you need) to have the star count of the sacrificed monster(s) equal the star count of the ritual monster or slightly above that of the ritual monster (this will not change the ritual monsters level). I hope this helps!

  5. Screw all that hard work get the card Adcanced ritual arts. It lets you summon a ritual monster from your hand with out their ritual card the catch is that you need yo discard normal monsters from your deck to the graveyard equal to the ritual monsters stars but having menju and senju is helpful.


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