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Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Modification?

Here is my deck list:
Infinite Dismissal
Battle Ox
White Magical Hat
Sword Of Deep-Seated
Mucus Yolk
Macro Cosmos
Roll Out
Sasuke Samurai #3
Graceful Charity
Familiar Knight
Dust Tornado
Harpie Lady
Dark Gray
Banisher Of The Radiance
D.D. Warrior Lady
Exciled Force
Dark Hole
Fiend Comedian
Mystical Space Typhoon
D.D. Survivor
Lightning Vortex
Rush Recklessly
Ultimate Baseball Kid
D.D. Survivor
Golden Homunculus
Malevolent Nuzzler
Bottomless Trap Hole
Sakuretsu Armour
Karma Cut
Germ Infection
Ominous Fortunetelling
Bite Shoes
The Emperor’s Holiday
Trap Jammer
Enemy Controller
Heart Of Clear Water
Celtic Guardian
Tripwire Beast
Dark Core
Heavy Storm
Magic Jammer
Graceful Charity
By Order Of The Emperor
Giltia The D. Knight
Prevent Rat
The Creator Incarnate
Nin-Ken Dog
Mystic Horseman
Dream Clown
Judge Man
D.D. Warrior
Dark Blade
Sasuke Samurai #2
Trap Master
Bazoo The Soul-Eater
Dream Clown
Call Of The Mummy
Brain Control
Super Rejuvenation
Petit Dragon
Beaver Warrior
Banisher Of The Radiance
Call Of The Haunted
D.D.M Different Dimension Master
Stone Ogre Grotto
Flash Assailant
Pot Of Greed
Giant Trunade
Mystic Horseman
Blackland Fire Dragon
Rabid Horseman
Soul Release
Deepsea Warrior
Oni Tank T-34
Hiro’s Shadow Scout
M-Warrior # 2
Beaver Warrior
Darkfire Soldier # 1
Jar Of Greed
Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
Dark Scorpion – Meanae The Thorn
Magic Jammer
Fruits Of Kozaky’s Studies
Two-Pronged Attack
Broww, Huntsman Of Dark World
Reckless Greed
Dream Clown
Mystical Space Typhoon
D.D. Assailant
Science Soldier
Archfiend’s Oath
Mother Grizzly
Cyber Saurus
Return From The Different Dimension
Dimensional Alchemist
Giga-Tech Wolf
Mystical Space Typhoon
Premature Burial
Gaia Power
Winged Dragon, Guardian Of The Fortress # 1
Bazoo The Sould-Eater
Empress Judge
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Gearfried The Iron Knight
Heavy Storm
Caius The Shadow Monarch
Nobleman Of Crossout
Dimensional Fissure
Mystic Probe
Reinforcement Of The Army
Zombyra The Dark
Steel Ogre Grotto # 1
Unknown Warrior Of Fiend
Oni Tank T-34
Queen’s Double
Helios — The Primordial Sun
Karate Man
Pale Beast
Dimensional Fissure
Ultimate Offering
Raging Eria
Blade Fly
Solomon’s Law Book
Monster Reborn
Malevolent Nuzzler
The Stern Mystic
Petit Angel
Torrential Tribute
Malevolent Nuzzler
D.D.R Different Dimension Reincarnation
Horus’ Servant
Flying Kamakiri # 2
Driving Snow
D.D. Scout Plane
Mass Driver
How to I make all of these cards into an awesome deck?


  1. ur deck is horrible… way to many cards
    1st of when u list it here list them in categories
    from monsters to magic to traps
    then the extra deck
    ur deck has no theme

  2. Just mix and match bro. If you don’t learn to make a deck on your own you’ll never learn the satisfaction of knowing you built a kick-butt deck all by yourself. It’ll take some time but I’m sure you have plenty of it since you took the time to type down all these card names. Mix and match, you’ll be winning in no time at all. :]

  3. um..Emmanuel L , i think he means building a deck out of all these cards…lol XD anyways, this is what i think would be a good deck: macro mixed deck!
    Monsters: 25
    Caius The Shadow Monarch x1
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon x1
    Banisher of the radiance x2
    Exiled force x1
    D.D Warrior lady x1
    D.D Survivor x2
    Bazoo the soul eater x2
    Gearfried the iron knight x1
    helios the primodial sun x1
    D.D Scout plane x1
    Dimension Alchemist x1
    Battle Ox x1
    Truckroid x1
    Golden Homunculusx1
    Familiar Knight x1
    D.D assailant x1
    D.D Warrior x1
    The Stern Mystic x1
    Dark Blade x1
    Kuriboh x1
    White Magical Hat x1
    Kycoo the ghost destroyer x1
    Spell : 14
    Lightning Vortex x1
    Rush Recklessly x1
    Dark Core x1
    Graceful Charity x1
    Pot of greed x1
    Dimension Fissure x2
    Soul Release x1
    Enemy Controller x1
    Heavy Storm x1
    Malevolent Nuzzler x1
    Monster reborn x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon x1
    Brain Control x1
    Traps : 11
    Waboku x2
    Magic Jammer x1
    Trap Jammer x1
    Karma Cut x1
    Macro Cosmos x1
    Return from different dimension x1
    Ultimate Offering x1
    Sakuretsu Armour x1
    Bottomless Trap hole x1
    Jar of greed x1
    Well, This is the best i could do…Its not very good i think..but at least you get a decent deck..Try it out and tell me whether its good or not
    Hope i helped! =D


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