Your thoughts please!!! Is Barbara Walters?






1/ a washed up old hag?
2/ a talent-less old hack?
3/ a nosey old busy body?
4/ all the above
Please know rude comments,
thanks in advance
Oh darling take a valium and calm down sweety.


  1. 4. All of the above. You should add something about that horrible voice that I am now imagining in my head thanks to you.

  2. You are either one of the most bored people in the world – or the most boring troll
    On second thought, I’m gonna go with ‘both’

  3. None of the above.
    She is an Elder and she has done SO much for the world of news casting and women that you should be ashamed to be so rude.
    She was the first woman to co-host network news.
    She has interviewed more statemen and stars than any other journalist.
    She had the first interview with the President after 9/11
    She’s a mother. She owns her own television show. And so much more.
    I think you are envious.

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