Home Discussion Forum Your thoughts on Taoism?

Your thoughts on Taoism?

Abrahamics, do you view Taoisms both philosophical and spiritual ideas as blasphemous and that of a heretic?
Atheists, do you view Taoism in an equally beligerent and ridiculous fashion as flying spaghetti monsters?
Overall what do you think of Taoism?


  1. I rather like Taoism… what I am familiar with anyhow… which isnt much really… just some web reads and the Tao of Pooh.

  2. Actually, I think Taoism (or at least what I’ve been exposed to) makes a bit of sense. It’s simple. The moral principles are admirable. I don’t personally believe it, but it’s interesting.
    At times it can get a little too mystical for my liking, but I like the idea of higher power in Taoism. Not as difficult to understand as others.

  3. It is my personal opinion that Taoism uniquely contains the beauty and poetic vibrancy of the Cosmos! This is coming from someone with the Catholic liturgy as his chief basis for experiencing the divine. I recently began reading the Tao Teh Ching and am captivated by it! Its paradoxes and mysteries are moving and enrapturing…
    “Heretical”? No. Splendid and wholly Other, rather. There are a multiplicity of ways of viewing the universe and our own place in it. This is one of them, and a grand one at that. We are encouraged to search for that which is “noble and true” in all faiths and viewpoints. (And I’m certainly not alone in this. Thomas Merton, a renowned Trappist monk and contemplative of the early 20th century, was equally moved by this beautiful outlook.) The essential tenets of Taoism are just that: “noble and true.”
    I hope Taoism will continue to help many more besides to see the beauty of and divinity within the natural world, and will continue to help man live harmoniously with it.

  4. i do not know any thing about taoism. i am a disciple to my master and i love to follow.
    there is no theist with out a theist. dualities. where there is yes there will be no.


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