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Your thoughts on Sleep paralysis / Astral Travel?

I have had sleep paralysis since I was little; the main features for me are I hear the noises when I am going into it; they are like a saw mill. If there is any truth in the ‘astral travel’ theory that people say sleep paralysis is then this would be the sounds of me entering the third dimension or the dimension where the spirits are or whatever. When I go into the state people start to appear in the room and I hear all their voices and their footsteps and them doing things. A funny one was a woman knocking on my door saying she wanted to see me, but I got scared and woke myself up, I can do this with great difficulty.
The scariest was being pulled around off my bed (in my mind-I was actually still in bed) and down to my window and hearing a voice saying — and your name is Tiffany, and you’ll never now) another was lying on my bed and a man sat on my bed and kept looking at me and turning away and looking at me and turning away. He had a scary face. Sometimes a cat jumps on my bed


  1. O.m.g… your case sounds SEVERE AND SCARY…
    I had sleep paralysis… but it wasn’t as severe…
    I only stay asleep… but I could open my eyes… but I can’t move anything not even blinking.

  2. What you’ve described is called hypnagogia, and happens when you’re not quite asleep, yet not quite awake. It has nothing to do with “astral projection,” which is not real.
    I’ve experienced “waking dreams,” too. One time I saw a man come into my room, and I even felt the bed give under his weight when he sat. Another time my window blinds turned into birds that flew away. I’ve even awakened from a nightmare, only to see the dream floating above me (like a hologram), still in progress. If, when that happens, I think of how I want the direction of the dream to change, when I fall back to sleep the dream takes on the new direction.
    * * *
    “Hypnagogia (also spelled hypnogogia) describes vivid dreamlike auditory, visual, or tactile sensations, which are often accompanied by sleep paralysis and experienced when falling asleep or waking up.
    “The hypnagogic experience occurs between being awake and asleep, while the hypnopompic experience occurs as one is waking up; both experiences occur within the time period between sleep and waking (or vice versa). Experienced qualities vary, and include fear, awareness of a “presence”, chest or back pressure, and an inability to breathe (hence the folkloric notion of mara-like creatures tormenting sleepers), a falling sensation or a feeling of tripping, but sometimes also joy.
    “During the hypnagogic state, an individual may appear to be fully awake, but has brain waves indicating that the individual is technically sleeping. Also, the individual may be completely aware of their state, which enables lucid dreamers to enter the dream state consciously directly from the waking state (see wake-initiated lucid dream technique).
    “The hypnagogic state is sometimes proposed as an explanation of experiences such as alien abduction, apparitions, or visions.”

  3. I don’t find the two are related, sleep paralysis and astral travel.
    The first case of astral travel I personally recall was when i was 18. I remember going to sleep, then ‘waking” in my bed. I was then pulled out the window and flew outside, down roads I knew miles away from my home. A truck was driving below me and I was pulled into the truck by some unseen force, into the body of the driver. I had trouble understanding what was going on. I couldn’t see straight. Had difficulty controlling the steering wheel. Then I lost all control, remember swerving, the vehicle flipped and rolled off the road into trees, and my body was thrown from the truck. I opened my eyes once and could see reflection of red lights on the leaves of the trees. Then I really woke in my bed, wrote it down into my bedside journal and went back to sleep.
    In a few more hours when I woke and went to work (I got a ride, and told the person of my “dream”) when we got to the part of the road where I believed the crash happened, there was broken glass all over the ground, brushed to the side, off road. I only noticed as I saw a few fragments still glittering in the street.
    Later that day I learned a man was driving drunk in a truck and flipped it. His body was thrown out of the vehicle to the ground. He was dead when they arrived.
    Entirely different from laying in bed and hearing, feeling sensations, and seeing things, which I’ve also done. I do find neither happen to me when I am depressed or under stress.

  4. Firstly all those that are saying sleep paralysis and astral projection are not related obviously have never experienced astral projection. Sleep paralysis is one of the main signs that you are about to astral project or slip into a lucid dream.
    If i fall asleep on my back i have one within about 20 minutes. After a few bad experiences i decided not to sleep on my back again and i don’t mess with this stuff anymore.
    I had a translucent figure drag me down the side of my bed once, and also a witch at my bedroom window. Scary stuff.
    What i noticed though during my braver periods of experimentation is that when you get paralysis, if you don’t fight it and just relax you will float out of your body and have some kind of experience. The other signs of an experience are buzzing sounds, voices, large banging noises, i have even heard my family members voices who are not even in the house.
    My advice, i would stay away from it.

  5. ridiculous: sorry to hear that girl. I’ve suffered this this very thing you describe since I was a kiddo too. I started wagging school in my teens just so I could catch up on sleep because I was afraid to sleep the night before. I understand perfectly what you mean by “like a saw mill”. If you want to get rid of it YOU MUST BELIEVE AND REBUKE IT IN JESUS’ NAME! It worked for me and I havent suffered another episode since.
    Otherwise see a mental health professional …I’m sure there are drugs that could stop you going through your nightmares. I used alcohol and pot for many years to help me through the nights but this compounded other problems so I do NOT recommend this. Feel free to e-mail if you need to chat. God bless
    EDIT: homechrch….Your research is exceptional!! I went through this crap for over for over 35yrs. I’m very interested in your research.

  6. Oh, what a revelation – and yet, not such a surprise – is your story and the confirmatory stories of so many who have answered! I know these things through my Christian research and through limited experience, but my experience has never been so deep – nor so disturbing – as you folks have clearly had. Many of you need serious help.
    My thoughts are that sleep paralysis and astral travel clearly have one main thing in common – interference of people by spirits. They are all branches and manifestations of the same occult tree.
    Somehow, people are going into the spirit realm in a way that doesn’t happen normally when we go to sleep or are awake. It is involuntary and often scary – in other words, they are not in control. This is another sign that spirits (ie. demons) are in control, and not the person, because they get hold of you and overcome your natural control. That’s what demons do and that’s also why it’s scary, because you sense the threat and that you won’t be entirely in control.
    The person who said to get away from it was exactly right. But it’s more complicated than that, because people who get these ‘happenings’ can too easily slip into those states because there always comes a time when they lose control. In other words, it’s doing to dog you all your life – because it’s a demon, you see, it’s familiar and it’s tenacious. You can’t just run away or resist it with your natural resources, because it’s got a hold on you. Being spiritual, it’s simply too strong for you. You need to get clear, but you need to fight fire with fire on this one.
    The power to exorcise demons is simply in the word, because word that is spirit has the power to oppose and excorcise all demonic oppression. However, I do not advise you doing it on your own, firstly because I do not get the impression that you are a Christian, so you do not have the authority. But, even if you were a Christian, on something which is so longstanding as this, it would be far better to get help.
    Something has clearly happened to you when you were a child – were you sexually molested, dabbled in the occult, had a serious trauma, been approached and did not draw back out of childlike curiosity? – and this has provided an entry for this thing. Think back and see in what way you might have unwittingly opened the door at that time.
    Also, you need to find an experienced Christian who knows his God and is holy who is willing to stand with you and counsel you in this and rebuke the demon/s so that you can be delivered. He will also help you pray to God and remember your past. However, we know from scriptural precedent that, even whether or not you do actually find out how the spirit got in, this will not stop it being ejected by the word of authority in Christ.
    It WILL go, and you can be delivered and you can be set free from this for the rest of your life, to live as you should do, as is your God-given right.
    The only thing I have yet to say is what Jesus taught on the matter. Read Matthew 12:43-45 about what happens after exorcism.
    What Jesus is saying is that, when an unclean spirit leaves a person, he goes seeking another ‘home’, but if he finds none, he will go back looking for his old home, with a few other of his fellows, and re-enter, making the last state worse than the first. That is because his old home has now become empty and cleaned out by God but, as such, the person, in his natural state is still vulnerable.
    So, you need to fill that empty space with something good – something spiritual too – to guard you and keep you, because you will always be vulnerable thereafter if you don’t. That means that you need Jesus in your life and, if you receive Christ, by repenting of your sins (and of anything to do with the occult) and truly believing in Him, He will send his Spirit to dwell in you (as He does in all Christians) and – because of that indwelling Spirit – he will keep you from temptation and will guard you and you will thereafter never ever need to fear about having a return.
    ‘If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed’ (John 8:36).
    That’s the answer to your question – but now, if you’re serious, you need to do something about it.

    • I’ve experience this for many yrs. it began when I was about 3 yrs. old. A bright light blinded me awake I began to scream in delirious state that I had seen God. I became afraid to fall asleep strange thoughts began to emerge I believed my parents were other beings evil in nature that they were monsters, strange thoughts for a child to have , not to mention the violence that went on in my household daily which could have aggravated the situation. I believed they could read my thoughts so I became afraid of thinking almost as if in the knowing of some supernatural ability. I sought out professional help and it was swept under the rug ignored completely, I wonder though about all those people who are institutionalized how many actually are not insane but actually persecuted by demons and made to seem crazy. I’ve been through a lot and resorted to many practices that didn’t help searched through dream interpretation, magic, omens, and other all trying to find the explanation I couldn’t find through conventional routes like church I visited many to no avail. some would not even receive me thinking I was high strung yet I’ve never done drugs. I began to believe that God didn’t care and that these very people who say were Christians were actually no part of God they turned me away instead of trying to help me. I saw things that would truly jeopardize anyones sanity but I continue to fight the fight just last night after undergoing the occasional sleep paralysis I woke to find that I was visited by 2 holographic images of little men playing and hanging from the bunk bed I was laying in which happens to be my daughters bedroom I know that many after reading my story will conclude that I am indeed under some kind of psychosis or supernatural phenomenon whether MK ultra, demons or other but the truth is that we ignore what we don’t understand but what I have said here today has been witnessed by not only me but my whole family as well. it would be a pretty good indicator that I need to be put in a straight jacket true if it were just me; but my whole family has also witnessed it. The difference is that they believe it comes from a benevolent source I on the other hand know otherwise.

  7. Sleep paralysis is a normal experience, everyone has it every night before they fall asleep. We are just not conscious during it, but when you are, you experience those weird sensations and internal noise and feelings. There is no need to be afraid however, it can not harm you in anyway. Sleep paraysis is a safety mechanism so you won’t “act out” your dreams, so your body paralyzes itself. Many people actualy try to induce a conscious state during sleep paralysis so they can astrally project or have a lucid dream, because it is a thrilling experience. You just have to remember it is all in your mind, it can be a pleasant experience if you make it to be. It might take some mental conditioning to get rid of the scary sensations.


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