Your opinion on this? Out of Body experiance?

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‘ve been trying to have an OBE experiance now for a few months and have been meditating etc.
About 2 hours ago i just relexated and meditated for 20 mins then nodded off, i suddernly became 1/2 conscious in my dream which i was in a cinema and it felt real, which i thought to my self “how did i get here?” and was trying to remember how i got here(it felt that real). As i stood up to leave i felt deeply relxed then started hearing a loud rumbeling / vibrations and a voice which sounded very divine which i could not understand. I then kept my mind blank and slightly focusing on floating out of my body. I looked at my hand and it was a shadowy blue, which i then panicked and everything got mixed up and distored and i couldn’t recognise anything which then i felt(not physically, mentally) that i was being pulled back into my body, which then i went into sleep paralysis which i could still hear the vibrations.
I THEN went back to sleep and this was the weird one. I remember having the dream and again i remember thinking suddernly “im dreaming”, i felt that deeply relaxed state like i was about to faint and the vibrations started, this time the dream stopped and i was on my bed. The vibrations started getting intense and i was trying to picture my self leaving my body. The first time i rolled out and i chose to look at my hand and “astral” body to see if i was awake or not, which i was a shadow blue again, which i panicked and everything started getting mixed up and i pulled in my body.
I was then in a 65% conscious state, i knew i was awake(ish) at this point and the vibrations were still going, so i relaxed and cleared my mind which i then started floating out my body and i could see my “Astral”, ( i could see the roof and i spread my body out like a star which then i passed through the roof, this shit my up which then i panicked but this time i didn’t get pulled back in but i wanted to be pulled back in, so i started to think of my physical body and the real world which then i got pulled back in and everything was distorted, but while i was being pulled in i was seeing like distortions and stuff then what felt like the world around me then distortions again like i was in and out of 2 different realitys(only way to put it)
It really was an amazing experiance but the thing is which i think i was dreaming for some reason was:
I didn’t have as much control as i thought i would have, i would think to my self to do something which didn’t happen but sometimes it did.
I felt nothing physical what so ever, if i wanted to move my arm i would think about look at it which then my arm would move, unlike if you want to move your arm now you simply move it physically. Very hard to explain.
Everything was unclear, certain parts felt so real i wasn’t sure if i was sleeping or not, and other things would be distorted like i couldn’t understand what was happening.
What do you guys think!?
PS: I don’t smoke weed / do drugs before the smart arse comments!
Well i don’t really need to know opinions if people think it’s real or a state of mind which could link to astral projection.
It’s a real phenomenon which many people practice and even enjoy doing, real or not.

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aly ♥

It’s just your imagination. That’s all it is.

Fed up with the crap here

Ditto ALY

Picalo Jack

First of all, it’s not your imagination, aly is clueless on this apparently. Yeah, it sounds like you are in the first stages of Astral Projection. I would recommend a book call ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’. This will give you great advice on what to do once you’re out. Good luck!


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