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Your favorite topics? Any related to…?

I feel a need to learn basically all the time, and now I’m working on Mythology & Folklore. What are some of your favorite topics on this?
I am fascinated by:
Lucid Dreaming
Astral Projection
Psi Vampires
Spirit Guides, though the topic terrifies me personally (long story ending in a near death experience)
Aura’s & Aura Healing
I would prefer for you not to recommend those stated above, but educational websites on these topics are welcome as well as related topics.
Thanks in advance!
I’m going to take that as a compliment, so thank you 🙂
I’ve heard of reiki… I guess I don’t know all that much about it, just the basics.


  1. Your need is excellent! There should be more people like you.
    I mostly answer questions related to Astral Projection in this section… that’s about it.
    There are too many kids in this section…. so watch out.
    Btw, have you heard of chi, reiki, etc etc?

  2. Ah I know the feeling of wanting to constantly increase your knowledge of all things in life. As for some topic’s, I find therianthropy, pranic healing, aura’s, vampires, spirits and wicca/pagan’s all very interesting.

  3. You know I feel the same way. I can’t stop learning. It’s funny cuz back in school I was the opposite & couldn’t care a less. Nowadays I can’t stop. I love to learn.
    Anyways if you haven’t already you should look up remote viewing, quantum jumping, ckakras, kundalini energy. Also look up the secrets of the ankh. To the ancient Egyptians it was recognized to be the key to life & immortality.


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