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You often hear people talk about an "energy crisis." What do you think they mean if, according to the law of c?

You often hear people talk about an “energy crisis.” What do you think they mean if, according to the law of conservation of energy, the amount of energy in the universe is constant? Explain your thinking.


  1. None of these. People are referring to the basic things like the cost to heat homes or to operate their cars becoming unaffordable or the cost rising too quickly. There is a disconnect between what is being said and what is meant.

  2. Oh come on. When people are talking about “the energy crisis” they aren’t talking on a universal scale – they’re talking about being able to find enough easily exploited resources that are local to us to fuel our society.
    For now, that means fossil fuels on Earth, which is a finite resource, and therefore, finite energy.

  3. They’re talking about the limited amount of fossil fuels the earth has……and yes, while this supply does get replenished, we are still using it at too great a rate.

  4. The amount of energy in the universe is constant, but it’s not always in a location or a form that we can make use of.
    For example, if a huge asteroid crashed into the earth, that would account for insane amounts of energy right here in our celestial back yard, but it wouldn’t do us very much good at all.

  5. It means we are running low of energy that we can transform into useful work. It doesn’t matter how much background radiation there is in the universe if we can’t harness it, at least as it relates to the energy crisis.
    This is why advancing technology is the solution to the energy crisis. We need to find more ways of making use of the energy sources around us.

  6. The law of conservation of energy is referring to something completely different than the energy people worry about when they talk about the “energy crisis”. There are these things called fossil fuels, which include coal, oil, and natural gas. These types of fuel, which we as humans are constantly burning to power our electricity, our automobiles, our rocket ships, et cetera, are the result of thousands of years of geological transformation under the Earth’s surface. The amount of time it takes for the Earth to create these fossil fuels is much, much slower than the speed at which we are burning it all up. If we continue to burn fossil fuels at the rate at which we currently do, then if not in our lifetimes, certainly in our children’s lifetimes, we will have used up every drop of oil and every lump of coal. This is why we have an energy “crisis”. This is why when people talk about alternative energy sources, they aren’t just environmentalists trying to protect our planet, but realists trying to sustain our lifestyle of massive energy use.

  7. The universe is a singularity (an infinitesimally small dimensionless point) within which two entities exist; static and unchanging matter and continuously expanding time and space.
    Energy (E) is the finite matter (m) conflicting with continuously created time and space (c) at the subatomic level and this is expressed as E=mc^2.
    Since time and space is expanding and the matter stays the same; energy is therefore becoming more diffuse in the universe – the universe is growing colder and darker and will continue to do so forever.


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