You meet an old Voodoo Witch Doctor – she'll make 1 doll of any celebrity you want, and give you a free pin?

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Who would you choose?
And where would you jab first?

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midnite rambler

graham nortons eye

Jessica C

Hilary Duff’s eye


paris hilton or any bimbo of her ilk male or female


Charlotte Church becuase I can’t stand her. Anywhere will do. As long as it keeps her off our TV screens.


Lisa Snowdon in her mouth for riding on the back of George Clooneys fame.


Who is greater: Sun Tzu AKA pride of the Chinese vs Albert Einstein AKA pride of the Jews?

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Any good documentaries on Aleister Crowley?

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I can see auras but how com I cannot see any colour?

My aura looks like fuzzy white with a hint of gold? I cannot see any other colour.

Does this prophecy interest you from the writer of Vishnu Purana?

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