Home Discussion Forum You know, we could have paradise on Earth?

You know, we could have paradise on Earth?

Even if you don’t do anything except create an Emearld, Purple, or Gold Halo around
the crown-Chakra…just like the Apostles…it would be a quantum-leap Forward of our species.
I created a time-bubble with Emearld-Green-Ray.
I created a Green-Halo around me once, why can’ you? rainbow-Fire shot of my hand…
I simply can’t explain, there are no words on HOW MAGNIFICIENT
this meditation is…Will you take a walk with me on the Rainbow-Lane today?


  1. These colors you see could possibly be related to migraines that do not give headaches. many times they occur without headaches and means there is a certain depletion. if what you are saying is true you need to see a doctor.


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