Home Discussion Forum You can do telepathy ????????

You can do telepathy ????????

Any body know how to send a person far away a message with telepathy ??
Anybody experience or experiment with it ??
what are you talking about arron ?
its not what im saying


  1. My daughter and I have a thing like that. I’ll be thinking about her—she’s miles away. All of a sudden, I get a phone call from her and she’ll say ,”I got your thoughts…Do you need anything?” Cool, huh?

  2. You can play a fun little game that… ‘seems’ to work usually.
    4 shapes 4 colors. Circle, Square, Triangle, Star – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
    One person concentrates hard on trying to send it, other concentrates hard on receiving it.
    Idk… just try it out. It takes a lot of serious thinking from both people of course. Definitely don’t guess when receiving…. seriously try and imagine it being built in your head.
    And when sending, imagine yelling out it loud in your head… while imagining the picture you’d want the other person to see.
    As for just random same-thoughts out of nowhere with friends…. that’s happened very frequently with only 2 of my friends who I’ve hung out with the most in my life.

  3. I am telepathic and I can read and send messages into the minds of other people far away but I usually don’t get a response because the person has to know how to receive telepathic messengers before they can send one back.


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