you can die during etheric projection?

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i read that if the physical body is shocked or disturbed during etheric projection there is a rare chance of physical death
is this true? – what if you get shocked easily?
i havent ethericly projected yet, but want to, so id like to know
also, ive read alot of places that your physical body or soul can suffer harm, its not that i want to inflict this upon myself/others – i want to avoid it
ive read it in almost every article.. almost

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Hard to die doing something that isn’t possible. You might be able to convince yourself you can do it, but it would be likely some sort of hypnotic trance, not a separation from your physical body. During such a state, I’m pretty sure that a physical shock would not kill you. However, it is possible to deaden pain in such states, so you could get more hurt than you realize. I’ve seen experiments done where a person who is hypnotized and a person who is not put their arms in icewater as long as they can and say how much pain they have on a scale from 1-10. The unhypnotized person couldn’t last very long. The hypnotized person felt very little pain at all and only removed her arm when told. (Can’t be used to get people to do things they aren’t willing to do, though, I’ve seen experments like that too.)

Sadhara Satguru

Dark Entity
No, this will not happen, unless of course you time is up anyway.
When you travel you are perfectly safe.


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