Yoga/Pilates – How do they work?

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I bought a yoga/pilates dvd it says it is “fat burning” but I don’t see how? My heart rate elevates only a little and I barely break a sweat! Am I doing it wrong, I follow the video exacly.
I have to say I feel more energized every day but I have lost NO weight. I do this 5 days per week.

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Yoga and pilates do work. You may not be using your muscles enough. Even if you follow the video, you have to put in more energy than them because they are really skinny! Even if you’re skinny, you have to put in the energy. Good luck with the yoga and pilates.


Any more there is only a fine line between yoga and pilates. Yoga is for flexibility, pilates is for your core muscles mostly.(stomach) I teach both, and I know that you can get quite a workout from them.
If it is weight you want to lose however, I would suggest something more strenuous. The yoga is for relaxing mostly both mentally and physically, pilates to work your core. Now is you want to lose weight try getting a step dvd or tae bo, billy blank is excellent. Just go to the Yahoo search engine and type in “tae bo” you’ll see alot of exercise videos that will help you take weight off. In order to lose weight we have to really move and sweat, look for something that you think will be fun for you, this way you’ll stay with it! hope this helps!


I’m not too into the combined yoga/pilates trend that seems to be popular. I have done both and they are 2 completely different things. Yoga is for flexibility, balance, and breathing. Pilates does base movements on your breathing, but as one of the other people here said, it is to strengthen your core. In my experience, pilates did change my body, but I was working out with instructors in the gym and they did get your heart rate up. I don’t know about any dvd’s though. Yoga doesn’t get my heart rate up, so no I don’t notice fat loss from it, but it keeps my muscles moving well for my fat burning work outs.


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