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Yoga stretches into public schools – how is this ok?

When it comes to anything remotely considered a Christian practice in school, everyone has a cow and says that it is in violation of seperation of church and state. (which is a misunderstood concept to start with)
“Yoga is a method joining the individual self with the Divine, Universal Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness.”
-sounds like religion to me-
This Yoga program in the school has been stripped of the chants.
But, the simple fact is that yoga originated in India as a Hindu practice.
yoga used to get kids in shape (at school)….
isn’t that what P.E. class was created for?
I’m not saying that Yoga is “bad”.
My main point is that if we remove anything that has a “hint” of Christianity, then no practice that orginates from a religion should be allowed.


  1. Yoga is an exercise program, and a great one at that. I wish I had the time and money to get into a class. If they have removed the religious chants, then it’s not involving religion, only exercise.

  2. Well, there is a big difference in asking to teach ‘Intelligent Design” verses keeping kids healthy and active by teaching Yoga.

  3. Yoga is two things — it is a spiritual, even religious, movement, and it is an exercise program.
    The exercise program can be taught void of the spiritual aspect of it. To point out the exercise program’s origins is a matter of historical fact.
    If hanging from crosses was a good work out, schools could hang their students from crosses too and mention the historical fact that this is how many people in rome died.

  4. As you said, it’s yoga STRETCHES. It’s helping to get your fat little kids in shape so you should stop complaining.
    And since when do people care about the seperation of Church and State? The phrase “under God” is still in the pledge of alligence, isn’t it?

  5. Yoga is also physical exercise. Stripped of the chants, as you say, it is more a matter for the gymnasium than a religious act.

  6. I am a Christian and have practiced Yoga for 7 years. It is an absolutely wonderful mind and body exercise. Kids would do well to learn this discipline as a life skill.
    And you can think of anyone or anything you want…. Jesus, Buddha, your Mother or Pamela Anderson if you want to.

  7. You worry too much. Lighten up and stretch! Yoga would actually be quite good for you.
    Oh, and stop living your life by Webster’s or wherever you got that definition.
    I dare you to try yoga for yourself. If you find anything evil in it, well, then we wouldn’t want you doing it anyway.

  8. Yoga is based on religious concept. It was started by a meditating guy named Yogi…
    Followers of Jesus Christ are called Christians and removing the name does not make it non-religious as the teaching is still being followed. Same way removing the religious chants does not make it universal or ka.
    I am an Indian and a Christian and I don’t do yoga. And I don’t think yoga should be taught in schools, churches or anywhere. As for the person who asked “what is a better excercise, walking on water?” my answer is yes, IT IS! It is the best exercise and try it and you’ll know why it is best. Hint: Remember when walking on walter, Peter kept his focus on Jesus but when his focus turned to the surroundings, he began to drown and was saved by Jesus reaching out to him and kept him walking on water.

  9. You Christians cry too much for people who’ve led the most genocides in the world.
    And the dude above me is an idiot by the way.

  10. Its important to have some kind of meditation practice, no matter what religion you are apart of. Hatha yoga never enlightened anyone, but it does pave the way. There is only one God, and there is only one truth, but many ways to seek it. I think its important to serperate theory from practice. Yoga offers a practical solution to finding god. Religion nowdays is made more complicated than it has to be, and by getting involved in the battle, you’re just using up energy that you could be using towards strengthening your realationship with God.
    Yoga for me is more of a lifestyle than a religion. I think you can find the exact same solutions to life through any spiritual practice that supports truth. I’m for yoga and the teachings of Jesus in school. Kids have so much to gain from both.


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