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Yoga mat smells like rubber or plastic- How do I get rid of the smell?

When I got my yoga mat 6 months ago, and I unwrapped it from the plastic, the odor of rubber or plastic was very strong. It has gone down slightly but I cannot get my face near it because it is so strong.
I have tried cleaning with soap and water, window cleaner, and airing it out for days outside as well as inside my house.
Any suggestions?? Im desperate… its a really strong smell and interferes with my yoga practice…


  1. if it was outside, was it in the heat/sunlight?
    My suggestion might be even more smelly.
    Put it in your car in the summertime for several days. Let the hot car bake it out.
    Heat is the main thing that might continue to bake out fumes. But if it gets too hot it might also damage it and smell worse.

  2. Buy a different mat, one that’s natural rubber. Or even start using wool mats. That smell is definetly nasty.

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  4. It’s recycled rubber that is being used by the Chinese to make cheap rubber compounds…chemicals released during the de-vulcanization process and then the re-moulding of the result into carpets under pressure, allows the many toxins found in recycled ground up rubber tire products, to easily offgas into the surrounding environment..China is removing their artificial playground surfaces all over the country, as the children are getting sick after playing on them..
    Yoga Mats or carpets or those puzzle shaped rubber tile mats for kids etc. are all made with the stuff..as are shoe soles and tool handles etc.


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