Yoga; good ways to start it at home?

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I want to do yoga, mostly for the meditation or relaxing. But I don’t want to enroll in classes as of now and would like to try it alone at home. Any suggestions for DVDs or books I could use? What equipment would I need? How can I get started?

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youtube! tons and tons. search “yoga for beginners”


.I enjoy some yoga videos and DVDs I have that feature Patricia Walden or Rodney Yee as instructors. Some are by Gaiam. Patricia has a good Beginners DVD out (Amazon lists it). I enjoy it more for the flexibiity and muscle toning, although it is very relaxing. Rodney has a “yoga for energy” DVD that I enjoy but it’s best saved until you’ve learned the basic poses as it doesn’t have much instruction (just tells you when to move into the next pose, not how to do it).
Yoga is wonderful and part of a good exercise program (flexibility is important). Enjoy!

Sara Bauer

I got started with Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga. It was simple to do and lasted only about 20 minutes. I later set it up so that additional music would play at the end of it so that I could continue my meditation for as long as I wanted. For AM Yoga, I only needed a strap and a towel.
There are quite a few yoga and meditation podcasts available through iTunes for free. You may need a yoga mat, a strap and perhaps a bolster.


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