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Yo! Can I have a psychic reading? If there are any psychics, clairvoyants and such in the house?

I’m curious about my love life?

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  1. i see you walk the path of the lonely and confused , you read the lips of insanity and translated into whispers of love . all tese guys were illusion of your mind , they never will wake up to smell the beauty and make love to you……

  2. I’m afraid to say that most of the so-called psychics that people attend are usually frauds. How are they frauds even when they tell me certain things that are correct in my life? Table psychics as they are often called by us scientific folks, brush up on a little psychology before going into the tarot card business. That is (how to read people, common questions to ask, such as; about parents living and dead, colors they may see around you, whether there has been some regression or disappointment in your life, loss of loved one or friend, job, etc.).
    The authentic form of psychics really doesn’t exist, at least in this term anymore. Most authentic individuals who hold some form of ESP and psychokinesis usually are called “clairvoyants” and “sensitives.”
    There are many people who are indeed curious about their lives. I am one of them, even understand parapsychology, I still am always curious. What our destiny, fate, our dreams, and our life is supposed to be, is for no one to know, except a higher power. If we knew, then we would alter it and thus alter the entire course of history. Many individuals don’t believe how one person can change history, well, look again, it has already happened. Many people don’t realize it, but we all are in this together, whether we agree or not, and by knowing too much about our own future, could have a much more devastating effect on the future of humankind then we could ever realize.
    Someone once told me to think of life like a ladder, “The rungs are the things in your life that are supposed to be. In between the rungs, are the decisions you make in everyday life. You decide upon something bad, such as stealing or committing some other crime, or treating people badly as you go through your life, the rungs will be affected later up the ladder.”
    I always found it better to understand yourself through what you truly enjoy in life. That’s where I try to find my answers.
    Best luck in your destiny.

  3. REAL psychics can’t do a reading over the internet. You have to be in front of someone, read their energy. Don’t go prowling for people to give you a reading on the internet, it won’t be right.

  4. I’m sorry that I can’t give you a physic reading, BUT I can tell your a good person and will MOST LIKELY have a perfect love life!!!! ^_^

  5. I see you with a boy……
    Then I see you getting scared when you’re 3 days late for your period.
    Then I see you posting another question on here regarding what your baby’s destiny will be.


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