Yellow & green energy/chi?





this old seafu guy looked at me for 10 seconds and told me my chi energy was yellow/green
what does this mean???
keep in mind yellow and green make blue.


  1. First, yellow and blue make green. Green minus blue would result in yellow. In the human atmosphere, blue is the color of calmness and peace. Yellow is a color of intelligence. Green, as you would guess, indicates envy, greed, and jealousy. You are intelligent, but something is causing emotional discontentment in your life. I am not familiar with chi energy, but think it is similar to the energy in the human atmosphere (or aura).

  2. it’s an aura and I think it means you are young (at least spiritually)
    I did a quick google search and
    Yellow-Green: Creative with heart, communicative.
    So, since I think that’s the answer you were actually looking for good luck.

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