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Yawning – A Spiritual Awakening?

I have followed higher consciousness for almost 2 years now and my yawning patterns have changed. I used to breathe in when I yawned, now I don’t breathe in at all. I just open my mouth wide and my ears dont work the right way. You know, when you yawn and for some reason your hearing goes out. I have tried many methods and sorts of ways to understand the Universe and the more I communicate with higher consciousness and think things in my mind that are of a higher truth I “yawn”. Some say it is because you are tired and want to go to bed “subconsciously”. No one can define the subconscious or the dream world or yawning. Dreams are a gate way and a yawn tells you you are being CALLED. Your questions will be answered. We yawn in sync as higher consciousness travels from one mind to the next through the spirit realm. Yawns may cause physical response but that does NOT mean that it is caused by a physical stimuli. Science starts from the physical. Who says anything starts from the physical?


  1. This is one of the best responses that I have seen in the questions that I have read regarding yawning. Those you opine that there is nothing but the physical automatically exclude themselves from understanding so much about life.
    One of the functions of yawning is to release energy from the back of the head, or occipital region. The entire body has negative and positive polarized areas, and the negative areas allow for release of energy that comes in through the positive receptor locations. Major positive areas are the head and heart. Major negative areas are the jaw, the pelvis and the feet. Negative does not mean “bad”, just that it is a place where spent energy is released. The phenomenon of “catching” a yawn is in my own observation, related to the matching of energy by individuals. Whatever is heing matched in terms of thoughts and feelings cycles or releases itself from the back of the head. The explanations given by brianarnold12 are also good, as there are various nuances and dimensions dealt with. Understanding the importance of matching energy, and understanding the value of release are major spiritual steps! :0)

  2. Greetings! I was very happy to find this site as I had an experience last night around 7:40pm EST, that lasted until about 8:00pm. I just simply began yawning and could not seem to stop, the yawns just kept coming. It was odd because I called a friend of mine around that time and he was experiencing the exact same thing. He was yawning on the phone as we spoke, we were both yawning. I ended up feeling very heavy and just put myself to bed. I felt sensations going on in the base of my head and just put up with it. What do you think this is? Just a new symptom of ascension? What is happening as this is taking place? And why did my friend simultaneously experience this too? Thank you! Andrea

  3. I’ve noticed that while listening to binaural beats and yawning, the sound between the beats that the sub conscious normally quietly hears is amplified into my normal hearing.
    This could mean that during a yawn, your sub conscious is trying to get a better listen in on the physical world.
    Higher Self meets Lower Self

  4. normally everybody yawns ,but there are different kinds of yawning which even iam experiencing with some vibrations around ears,head,shoulders and even many parts in the physical body sometimes. hope it should be something sync with the source of creation which is still a search for scientists . the continuous experiences like what we discuss will take us to the next step and that too will be a mystery.i think instead of trying to understand this,we can go further more to high level of perception if we are comfortable with that. Thank you – VIKRAM

  5. Having had a few Ayahuasca experiences, I noticed that at a certain period into this I, and many others around me, would have the deepest yawns. I don’t recall every yawning so deeply. I am sure this is tied to spiritual awakening, but my mind does not quite understand the theory behind it. I have found that there are many realizations that can come to you when your mind is quite; however, the exact meaning of a Yawn has not yet been explained to me yet. Yawns are contagious and maybe this is further proof that we are all connected spiritually.

  6. My yawn is more extatic when I yawn towards light (like a lamp).
    Try it! This, combined with sungazing, I think is a way to collective awakening!

  7. I’ve been yawning many many times a day, I’ve just started in my spiritual awakening process. Could this be related? I’m thinking maybe my soul is doing so much new work on my life and body that I need to release the energy by yawning. Please let me know 🙂 iots become the joke at work lol

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  9. Too funny! I’ve been honing my spiritual skills. It seems that whenever I am discussing a very truthful matter and/or a powerful discussion, my close friends always seem to yawn!! I count them!!! I thought it must be our spiritual connection?! Thoughts?


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