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Yankees fans,as you into your crystal ball,who do you see not being with the Yankees next year?

For me,I would say A-Rod,Giambi and Clemens-of course,I could be wrong.
I meant to type,as you LOOK into your crystal ball.


  1. Good question. I would say Clemens, Abreu, Farnsworth. I don’t think they can afford to lose Arod and there isn’t anyway to give up Giambi, he’s too expensive.
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  2. Clemens, Farnsworth, and Damon. Melky is the starting center fielder of the future, so I think they will deal Damon in the off-season. Abreu has an option that doesn’t look that bad considering what Hunter and Andruw will command on the open market.

  3. i only have a few things to say: all the fans of the other teams in the major leagues bust on A-Rod all the time, but what they dont know is that he could be standing at shorstop for their team next year.

  4. At this momemnt I see Damon, Farnsworth, Villone, Bruney and Abreu as possibly being traded or let go. The Yankees will continue to pay Clemens salary demands as long as he want to pitch, unfortunately. A-rod may or may not go depending on who can pay him that kind of salary.

  5. Mariano River will re-sign as they can’t let him go (despite recent struggles). They’ve already said they’ve negotiate a contract with him, earlier in the season they just wanted to make sure his arm was fine.
    Johnny Damon is very unpleased with his playing time, and I don’t think he wants to stay with the Yankees at all.
    Melky Cabrera isn’t going anywhere; don’t worry about that. He’s our center fielder. That’s basically it. Teams asked for him in proposed trades at the deadline — won’t happen.
    Jason Giambi seems to have drawn interest from the Angels in the past who need a big bat. I don’t think he will go anywhere unless the Yankees pick up a huge chunk of his remaining contract, so he won’t move most likely.
    Alex Rodriguez – There’s a couple things you have to look at here. He and Scott Boras has already stated contract talk won’t happen until after the season. If the Yankees win the World Series and get him a ring, will he want to come back for another year or will he be satisfied and leave to go to another team. If the Yankees lose (World Series), it may be an easier decision for him. I’m not sure on his outlook on things.
    Kyle Farnsworth is gone. Simple as that.
    Bobby Abreu is making a run for his money. It seemed certain the club wouldn’t pick up his option in ’08, but since he’s been producing very well since the All-Star break, it may be hard to drop him.
    Roger Clemens will almost definitely be gone; probably retiring I’d imagine.

  6. This is it for Clemens. He wanted to see if he had anything left, and he might have enough to put the Yanks over the top, but little else. Giambi is almost certainly gone.
    I think they may keep A-Rod, but only if they at least win the Pennant. A Steinbrenner in full charge of the team would do whatever it takes to keep baseball’s biggest star, but it’s unclear how much control he now has.
    Please, God or George or Brian Cashman or somebody, dump Kyle (Not a) Farnsworth before he turns back into the destroyer of leads he’s so often been!
    And I’m about 60-40 thinking Joe Torre leaves at the end of the year, retiring before he can be fired, even if they win it all. I think he’s had enough.

  7. I think they will eat some salary and trade Damon.
    I think they will be stubborn about Farnsworth and keep him as long as he shows some signs of life the rest of the year and keeps his mouth shut.
    Mientiewicz is gone (no fault of his own but Andy Phillips is younger and cheaper).
    Giambi probably stays for the last year of his contract, since to trade him they would have to pay about half his salary.

  8. I would have too say Andy Phillps, Jhonny Damon and If Clemans can’t pitch any more he will retire because of his age that’s who I think should go.


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