Home Discussion Forum wtf? this is just completely new to me?

wtf? this is just completely new to me?

i was reading up on earth sciences & geology and saw this stupid question about 2012 and a couple of people said something about global/universal spiritual awakening happening at 11:11AM universal time on 21st Dec 2012.
can anyone explain what this is all about?
and there’s also something about planetary alignment,
i don’t understand what that means actually.
i am not talking about the doomsday prediction,
i am only concerned about the spiritual awakening and the planetary alignment.
i’m like not the other idiots who posts repetitive questions about doomsday in 2012,
it wouldn’t even matter what happens, it may or may not happen -.-


  1. planetary alignment is when all of the planets line up in a certain way, some people believe this to signal a great spiritual event, and its somehow been linked to the day the Mayan Calendar states the end of the world, because the Mayan Calendar shows no dates beyond 21st of Ddecember 2012 (in my opinion they should just carve a few more years on)

  2. There is going to be no doomsday event in 2012. When something ends (even something as innocent as an ancient calendar), people seem to think up the most extreme possibilities for the end of civilization as we know it.
    For starters, the planets only “align” in a very rough fashion. They don’t orbit the Sun in the same plane, so it’s impossible to get very many of the planets in a straight line. Nevertheless, any time they all get within about 90 degrees of each other, someone will claim they’re “aligned.” The last time this happened was 1982 when dire predictions were heard about how the “Jupiter effect” would lead to world-wide disaster.
    Second, even if they *were* all aligned, the effect on the Earth would be miniscule. It’s true that the other planets’ gravity does affect the orbit of the Earth, but the effect is small, and lining up all the planets doesn’t even come close to making it big enough for anyone to notice. The effect on the Earth is dominated by Jupiter and Venus anyway (Jupiter because it’s massive, Venus because it’s occasionally very close to us). All the other planets put together only affect us about 10% as much as those two, so the fact that they’re all in the same general direction as Jupiter and Venus doesn’t make much difference.
    Third, even if all the planets could produce a strong gravitational effect on the Earth (which they can’t, unless they find a way to increase their mass by a factor of 10–100), it wouldn’t result in the “crust spinning over the magma” or some other dire effect, since their gravity would be pulling on every part of the Earth (almost) equally. The “(almost)” is because the other planets do exert tidal forces on the Earth, which means they pull on different parts of the Earth very slightly differently. However, tidal forces decrease *rapidly* with distance (as the third power), so these forces are very small: The tidal force from Venus at its closest approach to Earth is only 1/17,000th as large as the Moon’s, and we seem to survive the Moon’s tides well enough twice a day. If the Moon raises tides of 1 meter (three feet) where you live, Venus at its closest will raise tides of 1/20th of a millimeter, or about the thickness of a hair. The other planets have even smaller tidal effects on the Earth than Venus does. Finally, it’s worth remembering that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Whilst these “alignments” may be rare in terms of a human lifetime (occurring once every few decades), they’ve occurred numerous times during the time that life has existed on this planet, and many, many times in the comparatively brief time that humans have been around.Thus, over the history of this planet there have been about 45 million such “alignments.” The fact that we’re still here to talk about it is proof enough that nothing *too* terrible happens!
    Laz Marhenke ,
    Chris Marriott

  3. those people who are propagating and supporting hoaxes are stupids. it is just an Internet hoax. There is no alignment with the center of the Galaxy in 2012 or any time. As to the Sun being in the center of the Galaxy, that it impossible; the Sun and solar system will always remain at about 30,000 light years from the galactic center. These stories on the Internet are simply lies, and I am sorry if they have been a problem for you. A lot of the stuff on the Internet is wrong, and you have to learn to distinguish the truth from the lies. One simple test is to ask if any of these claims are made by real scientists, or if they have been reported in newspapers or on TV news. The stories about alignments or disaster striking in 2012 do not pass this test.


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